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Cloudscape streamlines processes and becomes operationally efficient thanks to Atera


With more than 50 contract clients, Cloudscape needed a streamlined way of managing each client’s individual requirements, recording billable hours, and handling day-to-day support tasks. Cloudscape needed a new IT management platform with the technological capabilities to empower more automation and future growth opportunities. Since Cloudscape started leveraging Atera, the company has been able to save money and grow. Beyond improving the customer experience, Atera’s IT management platform helped Cloudscape reduce customer service burdens on its team and further automate their processes.

“We were using several disjointed systems at the time and were tracking time spent on client projects through Outlook, manually syncing hours at the end of every day. It was very clunky. Atera has helped us streamline our processes to become more operationally efficient.”

Mike Casey IT Director, Cloudscape

Meet Cloudscape

Cloudscape are one of the leading IT support London companies with over 30 years’ experience of delivering a high quality and a personalized IT support service.  They have a passionate and dedicated team of experts who are highly qualified in both Apple Mac and Microsoft products and systems. This makes them perfectly situated to help streamline SMEs business operations and IT requirements with maximum care, attention, and efficiency. The company offers complete and reliable IT services to ensure its clients’ technology performs work well and keeps their businesses up and running. As IT experts, Cloudscape offers cloud system support for PCs, Macs, servers, and networks. As the business advisor to its clientele, Cloudscape advises on equipment throughout the technology ecosystem, including system updates, so businesses can maintain efficiency.

The company focuses on providing IT services to small and medium-sized businesses in London’s West End serving financial services, professional services, and retail businesses, and design agencies. Contracts typically cover a wide range of IT-related services as Cloudscape’s clients tend to outsource the majority of their IT requirements, including desktop support, management of mobile devices, network and server maintenance, hosting, and cloud projects. They offer complete technology support service, from the installation of new hardware to general maintenance and updates, all the way through to physical office changes and even business relocations.

Atera transforms the way Cloudscape does business

Gartner found that “many business and IT leaders see the customer experience as a sustainable source of competitive differentiation.” It became clear to Cloudscape that they needed to improve processes to ensure the company was providing a best-in-class experience to clients. Mike turned to Atera for help improving their processes and systems, that would in-turn offer a better experience to their customers. Gartner expects cloud migration to affect $1 trillion in IT spending by the end of 2020, making cloud computing one of the most disruptive technologies today, promising lucrative opportunities for those ready to meet this demand. With Atera, Cloudscape is set up to capitalize on the cloud opportunity in the market.

An all-in-one platform to centralize operations

Atera opened the door to truly transformational tools and resources that have helped Cloudscape thrive. Remote access for support purposes, online backups and monitoring, time recording, and ticketing are now all centralized via the Atera platform. Mike believes the system saves him an estimated 14 hours each month just on preparing the timesheets. Pleased with these time and cost savings, he is also leveraging the QuickBooks integration, which replaced his accounting and invoicing system. “With our increasing number of clients, the platform definitely makes all the overhead tasks easier as it automates so many processes and stops mistakes from happening,” Mike explained. “We have new people joining our team soon and we will start them on Atera straight away. With the platform in place, Cloudscape is well prepared for further growth.”

Atera helps Cloudscape save money

No one likes leaving money on the table. But what do you do when it’s more time consuming, and potentially costly, to try to retrieve the profits? That’s exactly the predicament the company was in when it came to managing all the disparate platforms. Atera helped Cloudscape save money because it offers everything the company needs in one platform.

“With all the integrations Atera offers, we have been able to retire four or five of our old platforms and services already, which has meant considerable bottom line cost savings.”

Mike Casey IT Director, Cloudscape

More growth opportunities

Since Cloudscape started leveraging Atera, the company has been able to save money and grow. Beyond improving the customer experience, Atera’s IT management platform helped Cloudscape reduce customer service burdens on its team and further automate their processes. “Since signing on with Atera, my team has been freed up to work on more profitable activities,” said Mike.  Atera has enabled Cloudscape to change the way they do business. The platform helped alleviate their process headaches and opened the door to greater efficiencies through automation. Now Cloudscape is able to provide better customer experience and save money while doing it.


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