From chaos to cohesion: How Atera empowers IT at Phoenix Management Solutions

Phoenix Management Solutions

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective IT management is paramount to any business. This is no different for Phoenix Management Solutions, a prominent trucking holding company that oversees seven distinct trucking companies. With 25 offices scattered throughout the U.S. and a central hub San Antonio, TX, their need for a unified IT solution was clearly evident. Disappointed with TeamViewer and their MSP’s IT support, they transitioned to an in-house IT team — choosing Atera’s platform not just for its remote management prowess but also for its ticketing, patching, knowledge base and silent installation capabilities.

“Atera has transformed our IT from reactive to proactive. Atera is central to our cybersecurity strategy. Its App Center ensures hassle-free installations, and the partnerships Atera offers are both cost-effective and invaluable.”

Mark Marquez System Administrator, Phoenix Management Solutions

Rethinking IT strategy


Phoenix Management Solutions felt constrained by their reliance on TeamViewer and their MSP. Their vision to standardize and streamline operations across their diverse trucking brands necessitated a more agile and responsive IT solution. This led to the appointment of Mark Marquez as their Systems Administrator. Tasked with managing 120 endpoints, comprising various laptops and desktops across the U.S., Mark chose Atera to ensure smooth remote connections, standardize operations, and provide proactive IT support.

By choosing Atera as their IT management solution, Phoenix Management Solutions transformed their IT operations, improving efficiency, productivity, and security. With Atera’s support, Phoenix Management Solutions is well-equipped to not only meet the IT challenges of the future but also continue delivering exceptional service to their end users and drive the growth of their business.

Leveraging Atera’s App Center


Mark, after assessing multiple IT platforms, was drawn to Atera for its cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and exceptional support. Atera’s App Center was especially appealing, featuring highly-rated Cybersecurity tools like Acronis and Emsisoft at rates more cost-effective than the SMB offerings outside of Atera’s ecosystem. This enabled Mark to automate crucial tasks, from patch management to cybersecurity installations, leading to a proactive IT stance, considerable time savings, and boosted productivity.

Moreover, as the number of issues requiring attention decreased significantly, Marquez gained the ability to allocate 2-3 times more time towards new projects. With Atera serving as their reliable IT partner, Phoenix Management Solutions has the confidence to effectively navigate the ever-changing technology landscape and fulfill their IT requirements.

Atera: Driving growth and assurance


Atera is now a cornerstone of Phoenix Management Solutions’ IT and cybersecurity blueprint, facilitating a shift from a reactive to a proactive IT approach. As the company continues to grows, Atera, with its intuitive design, automation capabilities, and exceptional support, will remain an essential IT tool. Mark credits Atera for a substantial 200-300% reduction in IT issues, allowing him that much more time for strategic IT endeavors. With Atera guiding their tech journey, Phoenix Management Solutions is well-equipped to address any IT challenge, ensuring unwavering, top-tier service.

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