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Revolutionizing IT and digitization in the Nordics with Atera

Nordlo is taking its business to the next level by integrating AI-powered IT at the core of the organization. This transformation presents a significant opportunity to elevate IT support, empowering employees with new capabilities and the freedom to focus on more meaningful, engaging, and purpose-driven tasks. Hear from Tomas Jacobsen, Head of Service and Delivery at Nordlo Bergen, as he shares how Atera’s comprehensive approach, combining remote monitoring and management with ticketing, enables Nordlo to efficiently handle all tasks in one place, positioning them to deliver exceptional IT services. Atera serves as the central hub for all incoming communication, implemented across all departments, from IT technicians to accounting, facilitating efficient management of incoming cases, whether related to invoices or technical support queries.

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Our goal is to deliver secure and efficient IT environments that are both affordable and reliable for our clients. Thanks to Atera, we can do that profitably.”

Tomas Jacobsen Director, Service and Delivery

About Nordlo

Nordlo, a premier provider of comprehensive IT and digitization services in the Nordic region, has cemented its presence with 46 strategically located offices across Sweden and Norway. With a dedicated team of nearly 900 employees, Nordlo is committed to understanding local markets and meeting the diverse needs of its clientele, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses at local, national, and international levels.

Nordlo’s mission is clear – to contribute to the development of society by enhancing the competitiveness and sustainability of Nordic organizations, both now and in the future. The company’s focus on employee satisfaction, client happiness, and profitable growth reflects its dedication to creating lasting value for its customers.


Finding Atera

Before integrating Atera into its operations, Nordlo previously utilized a competitor for its IT management requirements. However, the outdated graphical user interface (GUI), lack of innovation, slow feature releases, high implementation costs, and limited RMM capabilities prompted Nordlo to seek a superior solution. Following a comprehensive analysis of available options, Atera emerged as the game-changing choice, offering a fresh and innovative approach to IT management.

“We leverage Atera to monitor and easily run scripts simultaneously across thousands of devices, even across different companies. This convenience saves us time and effort. A standout feature of Atera is the asset management. By extracting reports on user devices, Nordlo gains valuable insights to assist our team in upselling, replacing older hardware, and helping client’s budget for new equipment in the upcoming year.

Tomas Jacobsen Director, Service and Delivery



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