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ITernative: Building the best shared IT department with Atera


Based in Orlando, Florida, ITernative has proudly provided top-notch tech solutions for nine years. Under the leadership of Pavel Vakh, the General Manager, ITernative is committed to creating the ultimate shared IT Department experience. Their innovative strategy merges MSP services with local IT Department expertise, delivering a wide range of services while effortlessly blending project work and support. Pavel is a firm believer that this fusion of IT Department and MSP excellence represents the future of IT services.

“In today’s world, AI is essential. Knowing that Atera is at the forefront of AI-powered IT gives me the confidence that this platform is the right choice for us in the long run.

Pavel Vakh General Manager

The need for a comprehensive ticketing solution 

ITernative encountered numerous challenges with their existing toolset, leading them to seek a more comprehensive Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution and a stronger help desk system. According to Pavel, their previous solution was outdated and did not offer the integration and business practices they needed. During their quest for a superior solution, ITernative stumbled upon Atera through a straightforward Google search.


The Ultimate IT Combo: Ticketing tightly coupled with RMM

Pavel was pleasantly surprised by the Atera Help Desk, as it met all of ITernative’s needs. While ITernative was originally looking for a comprehensive ticketing solution, Atera’s all-in-one PSA and Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution proved to be the perfect fit, eliminating the need for a separate RMM tool. ITernative currently supports approximately 550 endpoints through Atera, mainly comprising Windows devices with a few Macs and Linux devices.


Simplify to amplify: How embracing Atera’s “Simplicity” fuels growth

When asked to sum up Atera in a single word, Pavel promptly responds with “minimalism.” However, he’s quick to point out that Atera’s minimalist design isn’t just about looks; it’s backed by clear logic and thoughtful functionality. Pavel is particularly impressed by Atera’s attention to detail and simplicity, noting that its functionality rivals that of larger solutions while maintaining a clean and minimalist interface.The simplicity and intuitiveness of Atera’s interface have made it easy for ITernative to seamlessly integrate with the platform. 

Atera’s approach to IT automation has revolutionized their operations, streamlining processes and boosting efficiency. The Marketplace Applications within Atera, including Acronis for backup solutions, Webroot for antivirus, Iron Scales, and Network Discovery, have become indispensable tools for ITernative. When implementing Atera for their clients, ITernative prefers to leverage their own tools, as they prioritize their clients’ needs and have full confidence in Atera and its strategic partnerships.


Leveraging the Atera App Center for enhanced security

Pavel expresses his admiration for Acronis, a primary backup solution in the Atera Marketplace. The seamless integration and the quality of the partnership demonstrate Atera’s careful selection process when choosing their partners. ITernative actively encourages their end customers to utilize the Customer Portal, which provides a self-service option for common tasks and inquiries. The ticket suggestions feature within Atera simplifies the ticket creation process, further enhancing the overall efficiency of their help desk.


AI-Powered solutions: A must for IT Service Providers

One of the standout differentiators for Atera is its seamless integration with OpenAI and ChatGPT. Implementing the AI-assistant,an AI-powered chatbot that directly assists agents on their computers, is a huge time saver. This integration significantly enhances the proactive capabilities of ITernative’s help desk, empowering them to address issues before they escalate into tickets. This unique strength sets Atera apart from other solutions and has left a lasting impression on Pavel. ITernative frequently utilizes the AI script generator, Ticket summaries, and suggested responses, reaping the benefits of these features in their daily operations.

“In today’s world, AI is essential. Knowing that Atera is at the forefront of AI-powered IT gives me the confidence that this platform is the right choice for us in the long run.”

Beyond their initial search for a help desk solution, ITernative has discovered unexpected benefits with Atera. While reporting was not their primary focus, Atera’s reporting capabilities have provided them with valuable insights. It has become an essential tool for analyzing their operations and making data-driven decisions.


The future of ITernative with Atera

In conclusion, ITernative came to Atera seeking a help desk solution but found a true all-in-one solution that covers all aspects of IT support. Pavel emphasizes this by stating, “Usually, one company buys another company, and they do an integration. And then they present it repackaged as one tool. But it isn’t. Atera truly is a single tool solution.” With Atera’s support, ITernative is well on its way to building the best shared IT Department out there, combining the strengths of an MSP and a local IT Department into a seamless and efficient operation. By bringing their own trusted tools and leveraging Atera’s partnerships, ITernative ensures that they provide the highest level of service and reliability to their clients.

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