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Streamlining IT Support at a US Court: Atera Empowers Efficiency

San Mateo Supreme Court

Imagine the immense responsibility of managing IT support in a US court, where efficiency and reliability are paramount. Meet Marcos Prado, the IT Infrastructure Manager of the Superior Court of California County of San Mateo. With 30 judges, more than 300 employees, and four different courthouses, Marcos and his team of six technicians are responsible for supporting 500+ Windows desktops, laptops, and servers. Outdated tools and inefficient processes hindered their ability to provide proactive support, leading to reactive approaches and gaps in remote monitoring and ticket management.

Navigating IT Support in a Demanding Environment

As a small team managing very complex systems, efficiency is key. Marcos faced the challenges of outdated tools and inefficient processes that hindered their ability to provide proactive support. Reacting to issues rather than addressing them proactively and the lack of a centralized ticket management system caused unnecessary frustration. Marcos recognized the need for a solution that would empower him to streamline processes and gain valuable insights into the court’s IT infrastructure.

With Atera, we can resolve most issues within minutes. Between thresholds and auto-healing, patch and software management, Ticket Automation Rules are the unsung heroes of Atera. It helps with ticket routing and notifications.

Marcos Prado IT Infrastructure Manager


The Search for a Comprehensive Solution

Understanding the limitations of their manual processes and one-off tools, Marcos sought a comprehensive solution to address their inefficiencies. Atera came highly recommended, offering the perfect fit for their needs, particularly in Remote Monitoring and Ticket Management. The pricing model, based on users rather than devices, aligned perfectly with the court’s requirements. With Atera’s integration of generative AI and custom automation tools, Marcos found the solution he had been searching for.

Revolutionizing IT Support with Atera

Atera’s Remote Monitoring became the cornerstone of their operations, providing real-time visibility and early issue detection. Marcos could now proactively address potential problems before they impacted court proceedings, reducing response and resolution times. The centralized ticket management system streamlined support requests, ensuring prompt resolutions and improving overall efficiency. Marcos leveraged Atera’s AI-driven reports and insights to optimize system performance and resource allocation, while automation and scripting features saved time and allowed the team to focus on strategic initiatives.

“We’ve set up rules to assign priorities, modify SLAs, and notification emails for managers and others outside the IT department.”

Marcos Prado IT Infrastructure Manager

Unleashing Productivity with Atera’s Features

Atera’s user-friendly interface and ease of training facilitated seamless adoption and onboarding for Marcos and his team. Proactivity became the key to success as Marcos could identify and resolve potential issues before they impacted court proceedings. The team harnessed the power of AI, reports, and insights to optimize system performance and resource allocation. Automation and scripting features streamlined repetitive tasks, freeing up time for strategic initiatives and efficient support.

Prior to Atera, VPN help calls were the bane of the IT department. The techs had no visibility to what the remote user was seeing. Some calls took upward to 2-3 hours to resolve. With Atera, as long as the user has an internet connection, we can resolve the issue within minutes.” 

Marcos Prado IT Infrastructure Manager

Empowering Efficiency and Reliability

With Atera, Marcos and his team have revolutionized IT support at the Superior Court of California County of San Mateo. The court now operates with enhanced efficiency, reduced response and resolution times, and improved remote support capabilities. Atera’s comprehensive solution has transformed their IT operations, positioning the court as a model of efficiency and reliability.

Atera’s comprehensive IT support solution has empowered Marcos Prado and his team to overcome the challenges of outdated tools and inefficient processes. Through proactive management, streamlined ticket management, AI-driven insights, and automation features, they have achieved increased efficiency, decreased response and resolution times, and improved remote support capabilities. Atera has become an indispensable tool in their IT support arsenal, ensuring smooth court proceedings and positioning the court as a model of efficiency.

Atera helps us with adhering to our compliance policies encompassing a wide range of requirements, including patching, password complexity, and security configuration standards. By adhering to these policies, we can strengthen our security posture and mitigate potential vulnerabilities. Here are some key considerations related to compliance policies:


Patching Policies:

  • Regularly applying security patches is crucial to address known vulnerabilities and prevent exploitation.
  • Automated patching solutions can streamline the process and ensure timely updates.


Reporting on Patches Installed:

  • Compliance policies often require organizations to report on the status of security patches installed on their systems.
  • Automated patch management solutions can generate reports detailing the patches applied, their versions, and the dates of installation.
  • These reports can be used to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies.

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