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Trapp Technology achieves exponential growth through Atera partnership

Tired of limited visibility, inefficient processes, and skyrocketing operating costs? Trapp Technology was too. But then, they discovered a game-changing breakthrough that revolutionized their IT operations. Listen to Shawn Davidson, President of Trapp Technology, as he reveals how they overcame these challenges and delivered world-class IT solutions to over 2500 clients. Discover how they achieved success by managing service infrastructure, automating software and system configuration, efficiently managing inventory, and tackling other critical challenges. Ready to unlock the secrets to their success? Watch the full video above and embark on your own path to growth.


About Trapp Technology

Trapp Technology was founded in 2007 by CEO and Founder, David Trapp, with a strong focus on cloud application hosting solutions. Over the years, Trapp have diversified their expertise to include enterprise-level IT services and cybersecurity solutions, harnessing both internally developed toolsets, like ArmorPoint, and best-in-class solutions like Atera, to develop achievable and tailor-made solutions which they deliver to customers across a wide range of industries, including banking, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Trapp Technology’s services are designed to appeal to the growing number of small- to medium-sized businesses looking to implement solutions that reduce the total cost of ownership, align with internal resources, and leverage the skills and support necessary to achieve business goals.

Atera is instrumental in allowing Trapp Technology to deliver world-class IT solutions to over 2500 clients. It’s also critical in the overall expansion of our sales pipeline. Partnering with Atera is gonna allow us to more efficiently grow into the future.”

Shawn Davidson President

What led Trapp to Atera


Before Atera, Trapp had limited visibility into their clients’ environments and the solution they had was not robust. This posed difficulties in achieving key requirements such as efficient patch automation and vendor compliance. They had to resort to manual interventions and unnecessary measures to accomplish tasks that could have been automated. On top of that their operating costs were high and did not provide a justifiable return on investment.

Supporting more than 140,000 endpoints, Trapp wanted an enterprise-grade tool that could support their business needs today and into the future. They decided to look for a new vendor who could meet their business needs, including remote asset management, maintenance automation, scripting, and more. Atera checked all the boxes.

When we chose Atera as our solution for IT infrastructure management, we were hoping to get an enterprise-grade tool that our technicians could use with consistency and accuracy. Atera was spot on! We truly recommend Atera to other IT service providers out there.”

Bryce Hill Director, Service Delivery

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