Introducing an Outlook storage extension script that solves the problem of limited inbox storage. While we may not be able to get you to Inbox Zero, this script increases your storage capacity so that you can fill up your inbox worry-free.

By default, Microsoft Outlook has a size limit on its Personal Storage Table (PST) files, which can cause problems when you receive a lot of emails. This script is a Windows command line tool that raises this limit, allowing you to store more emails without worrying about hitting the threshold.

The script achieves this by modifying two Outlook settings that control the size limits. The first setting establishes a warning threshold that notifies you when you’re approaching your storage limit, giving you ample time to manage your email storage. The second setting defines the maximum size that your PST files can reach before they become unstable.

Using this script will help you manage your email storage more efficiently and avoid any issues that may arise from exceeding the default size limits.