Need to find your switch port? Maybe you’re experiencing network connectivity issues (not ideal) or perhaps you have a compromised device generating too much traffic to your network (not great either). Maybe you just want to know that you’re connected to the right VLAN (we’ve got our fingers crossed). 

Way back when your grandparents were walking an hour to school in the snow, troubleshooting networking issues meant tracing the physical cables from device to port. We’re all about you getting your steps in, but with this easy-to-use script, you can save your workouts for the gym! 

This script will show you which switch port your network cables are connected to without having to move an inch. First, the PSDiscoveryProtocol module intercepts the network packets (small segments of data sent over a network connection) on local or remote computers. The script then extracts the following information stored in the packets: model number, description, VLAN, port, device, IP Address, computer, and packet type. 

Once you have this data, it’s time to start troubleshooting. If the port itself is corrupted, you can physically change the port your device is connected to. If you’re connected to an unexpected VLAN, change the settings of the switch via the associated web user interface.