Searching for the perfect web browser is like looking for a life partner. Yup, hear us out for a minute. For both, you need to make sure your goals are aligned (compatibility, good UX). You need them to be supportive and dependable (load time, security, privacy). You want to grow together, learn and explore together (extensions). Support each other when something goes wrong (updates, patches, games to play while you’re waiting for the WIFI to come back). Of course, physical attraction doesn’t hurt either… 

And since we’re all in on this metaphor, when you finally find the one, you never want to let it go. You want to shout it from the rooftops, share the news with everyone you know! 

Well, for all you Google Chrome lovers, this is the script for you! 

You can check whether there is a version of chrome already installed on your end user devices and if not, install the enterprise version from afar (because everyone should be using your favorite browser, right?) 

The script follows a series of silent validation checks, so it will install Chrome without informing the end user of any changes. If there is an error while the script is running, it will be recorded in an event log so you can see what went wrong. 

Whether it was love at first browser, or a slow and steady connection, this script will give your customers the option to fall for Chrome as well.