Top Scripts

Discover Atera’s most popular community-driven scripts and bring powerful, intelligent automation to your everyday workflow. From removing bloatware apps, clearing event logs, or updating your OS, Atera’s community of trailblazing MSPs and IT Professionals have you covered!

Use this script to check whether Google Chrome is installed on your end user devices, and if not, to install it remotely.

Troubleshoot network issues by using this script to determine which switch port your device is connected to!

Use this script from Atera's Shared Script Library to shut down or restart local and remote Windows devices, one at a time.

Disable USB Access Script

Use this script to disable mounting by USB storage devices. Reduce the security risk with one click only.

Feeling ready to part ways with Webroot? Don’t worry, this script is here to make the transition as smooth as possible. First, the script will determine if the 32-bit or…

Given that you typically only need to insert your wifi password once on each device and it remembers it forever and ever, it makes sense why almost no one ever…

Keeping your IT environment clean is essential best practice. Here's an automate disk cleanup & maintenance script that could make all the difference.

Rename Your Computer script

In the market for a rename your computer script? We're glad you found us - here's a script for renaming your computer that will make it easier.

Clean up Print Queue script

Print queue got you down, and in constant need of clean up right when you need to print urgently? Our clean up print queue script will put a smile on…

Remove Windows Bloatware Apps

This remove Windows bloatware apps script can get your new device running faster and streamline the applications that need to be there.

Empty Recycle Bin

Looking for a script to automate the empty recycle bin task? You're in the right place - let's show you how it's done.

Flush dns cache script

A flush DNS cache script could save you time when completing this repetitive and manual task. Here's how to get it done tout suite.