Been avoiding the humdrum task of freeing up disk space from your Windows computer? We’ve been there. 

This script streamlines running disk cleanup on all your Windows devices – without requiring user interaction at all! This disk cleanup tool clears all items found (equivalent to checking all boxes in Disk Cleanup, under Files to delete) and runs silently in the background. 

By utilizing this script, you can easily reduce the amount of unnecessary and temporary files on your hard drive, so your computer runs faster. And who doesn’t want their computer to run faster?

By continuously running Windows cleanup on your clients’ devices, you can comfortably provide reports to your customers about what you’ve been doing for them every month, and prove just how awesome (and crucial to their business) you really are!

Not to mention, keeping your customers’ computers free of unnecessary files and running faster than ever can effortlessly maintain a good relationship with your customers, and help your bottom line with minimal sweat.

Now if only there was a command prompt to make spring cleaning this easy…