What an awesome Latest Release webinar we had this month—totally worth the wait! Nadia walked us through some of the exciting new features on the Atera platform. If you missed it, or want to catch up on any of the details, here’s your update!


Atera’s New Look!


Nadia started off the webinar with a bang, introducing us to Atera’s new user interface (UI). And there’s no better way to introduce our new look than by starting with our new and improved filters, which we’ve hidden for a cleaner experience. Nadia showed us how to apply our filters, and watch as our Tickets, Devices, Customers, and Alerts pages update in real-time! Then us cool kids were shown in-line editing—now available across the Tickets, Devices, Customers, and Alerts pages. Highlights include the ability to assign a technician to a ticket and set its priority and status—without having to open the ticket itself!


Moving on, our new search bar is primed and ready the moment you land on the Customers page, so you don’t even have to click in it when searching for a customer! Then we were shown the Devices page, where device-type icons have been replaced with text, so there’s no confusion. This is the case across the Tickets, Devices, Customers, and Alerts pages. Even better, we saw how to hover over an alert for more info as well as how to manage our patches without having to go into the device itself.


It’s the most exciting of times… and you’re encouraged to learn more!


Get Smart with Atera’s Auto-Tags



Our AI department has outdone themselves this time around with ticket auto-tags! Nadia described how our AI model automatically tags newly created tickets based on certain keywords, making it easier than ever to organize and filter your tickets. Auto-tags appear first within your tickets and have a cute little lightning bolt symbol to help differentiate them from manually added tags.


New Features Board


We’ve integrated with UserVoice for automated management of feature requests, to pinpoint top-requested features, keep you updated on status, and make top features a reality for you. The Atera Features Board is the place to go to submit new ideas, vote for existing ones, and view features currently being worked on—as well as those already implemented. Your input on the board helps us to prioritize and develop the most-needed features.


Blank Slate OR A Fresh Start OR Double Kill!


Now, an agent registry is automatically deleted whenever an agent is uninstalled, which means there’ll be no hiccups when installing a new agent from another account on the device. Neato!


MIB Source URL


Now the MIB Source URL link on SNMP Templates is clickable, and links directly to the MIB source for convenient access.


If you want to see more on how to access any of these new features or improvements, or you’d like to watch the LIVE Q&A, you can check out the recording of the webinar here.


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