Strategic consolidation for increased efficiency

Uncover the importance of system consolidation in reducing IT complexity and costs. Our infographic reveals that U.S. companies lose an average of $5.4 million annually due to unused software. By integrating multiple tools into a single system, healthcare IT can achieve significant cost savings, enhanced security, and streamlined workflows.

Automation: Your key to IT productivity

Automation stands as a cornerstone for operational excellence. An impressive 99% of tasks can be automated on Atera’s platform, significantly boosting productivity and reducing stress for IT personnel. This shift not only speeds up processes but also ensures greater accuracy and compliance across operations.

The potential of AI in healthcare IT

AI technology is reshaping healthcare IT by autonomously solving an impressive 50% of support tickets and driving critical decisions with minimal errors. With 73% of CIOs prioritizing AI investments, according to Gartner, this technology enhances service delivery and operational efficiency dramatically.

Patch management: Essential for security

Stay proactive with regular software updates to safeguard your systems. Over 80% of ransomware attacks are preventable with timely patches. Effective patch management fortifies your defenses, maintaining the stability and reliability of your healthcare IT infrastructure.

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Advanced analytics for informed decisions

Utilize cutting-edge analytics to monitor system performance and make data-driven decisions. Our infographic highlights how Atera’s comprehensive reporting tools help IT leaders like Gabriel Bariatti, CIO of MadPC, optimize their operations and prepare for future technological needs.

Cloud computing: scalable and flexible

The shift to cloud computing is crucial for scalable and flexible IT operations. With the healthcare cloud computing market expected to grow to a whopping $89.4 billion by 2027, moving to cloud-based solutions provides essential growth adaptability without heavy upfront investments.

Invest in employee training

As technology evolves, continuous employee training becomes critical. Training ensures that staff can effectively use new systems and technologies, which is vital as the medtech market grows to an anticipated $610.2 billion by 2024. Educated employees are key to leveraging these advances for improved patient care.

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This infographic is not just a collection of statistics—it’s a blueprint for transformative action in healthcare IT and how Atera is your secret weapon when it comes to optimizing your operation. Dive deeper into each strategy with detailed data and practical applications by downloading the full infographic. Enhance your IT operations and patient care with informed, strategic decisions.

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