Looking to break into the IT industry? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that computer and information technology occupations are projected to grow 12% from 2018 to 2028. This projected growth is much faster than in many other industries.

Virtually every company relies on computers to handle and transmit their data, and arguably, just as many have migrated their business operations on the Internet and via the cloud. To maintain security and computer system networks, IT professionals are becoming a hot commodity.

There are plenty of IT positions — which include a mass variety of skills — and are needed for almost any kind of business. Many companies will hire a managed services provider to perform a growing range of IT jobs, making IT a great field for aspiring entrepreneurs as well. If you are looking to become a sought-after employee or even start your own small business, take a look at these 10 IT jobs that are highly in-demand.

Cloud architect

With the rise in popularity and demand for providing employees and customers with remote systems and resources, someone who is able to maintain security and efficiency of information on the cloud becomes necessary. Cloud architects are needed to oversee anything to do with cloud computing — front and back and platforms, servers, storage, delivery, and networks. They will likely oversee a company’s adoption of the cloud, and facilitate the cloud strategy process. To perform their job properly, cloud architects will need a strong knowledge of operating systems, networking, computer programming languages, and security concepts.

Education Requirements: A cloud architect will need a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related program such as software engineering. An MBA may be needed for more advanced positions.

Projected Job Growth: 5% by 2028 for all network architects.

Average Salary: $150,000.

Computer network architect

Businesses rely on computer network architects to build their data communication networks — local area networks, wide area networks, and intranet. These networks may be small (between two offices) or larger international communication systems. Companies looking to expand their operations create a demand for skilled architects. A computer network architect will need to work with a company and understand the business plan to create an appropriate network for the communication of data. Computer network architects will need knowledge of hardware — building cables to routers/adapters — and network monitoring software.

Education Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in, or related to, computer sciences.
Projected Job Growth: 5% by 2028.
Average Salary: $120,000.

Database administrator

A database administrator may work for healthcare organizations, universities, banks, and insurance companies to provide the secure organization of their data such as shipping logs and financial information. With these agencies needing to store, transmit, and protect data, the need for database administrators has risen considerably. Also known as DBAs, database administrators need to understand a company’s needs to design and oversee a database — merging all databases, backing up and restoring, and testing modifications to make sure it is running efficiently, and managing access to maintain security.

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.
Projected Job Growth: 9% by 2028.
Average Salary: $80,000.

Health information technician

Sensitive data needs to be quickly accessed by the proper personnel who can manage information with discretion and while following healthcare regulations. This has created a demand for insurance organizations, hospitals, and those who collect patient data to turn to a health information technician to build, manage, and protect electronic health record systems. These professionals will need to work with medical and insurance providers as well as patients for the maintenance of their records. Healthcare information technicians will need to know medical data entry, software support, and compliance regulations.

Education Requirements: Associate’s, Bachelor’s Degree in Health Information Technology, or postgraduate certificate.
Projected Job Growth: 11% by 2028.
Average Salary: $40,000.

Information research scientist

Computer and information research scientists are at the forefront of creating innovative approaches to computing technology for businesses, science, medicine, and other industries. With devices and software rapidly developing and evolving, information research scientists are essential. These professionals help solve complex computing problems, design and improve new computing languages and software systems, test the systems, and may even publish their findings in academic journals. Information research scientists may work in data mining, robotics, programming, and more.

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s in computer science or related field. A Ph.D. may be required for advanced positions.
Projected Job Growth: 16% by 2028.
Average Salary: $115,000.

Information security analyst

Cyberattacks occur all too often. To combat them, information security analysts are required for almost any organization that operates on computers. To maintain security protocols and protect against cyberattacks, information security analysts monitor computer networks, look for security flaws, investigate security breaches, and install software such as firewalls and data encryption programs within a company’s network. Additionally, they may conduct penetration testing and are always enhancing security.

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field. In some cases, an MBA may be required.
Projected Job Growth: 32% by 2028.
Average Salary: $75,000.

Mobile app developer

The mobile app business is booming. Gaming, lifestyle, and banking apps are just a few apps that may be on your phone right now. Businesses are finding that providing their customers with apps makes it more convenient to facilitate sales, support, and more. With the mobile app business booming comes a demand for app developers. A mobile app developer will need to be well-versed in programming, computer languages, and wireless networks. Creating, testing and programming apps for computers, mobile phones, and other devices will involve developing user interfaces — providing the best user experience, fixing bugs, and writing code.

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or information systems.

Projected Job Growth: 21% by 2028.
Average Salary: $95,000.

Site reliability engineer

Businesses can lose a significant amount of money if their site goes down for any reason. This is where a site reliability engineer comes in. A site reliability engineer (SRE) builds software to help business operations, resolve issues, optimize processes, and conduct investigations and reviews. An SRE is a blend of IT operations, support, and software engineering and helps facilitate the collaboration between all three of these professionals. A site reliability engineer will need knowledge of computer programming skills and languages, as well as organizational, problem-solving, analytical, and teamwork abilities.

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field.
Projected Job Growth: 9% by 2024.
Average Salary: $115,000.

User interface designer

No one wants to stay on a website that is hard to navigate and unappealing to the eye. User interface designers are in demand for specifically this reason. User interface (UI) designers will work with user experience (UX) designers to make sure the customer’s experience and interaction with a company program or website are enjoyable and straightforward — providing all of the information that they need. This will likely involve creating concepts of programs, websites, and products. It also will involve analyzing website traffic, designing aesthetics and storyboards, and social media research.

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, web development, graphic design, and/or related fields.
Projected Job Growth: 27% by 2024.
Average Salary: $75,000.

Web developer

Web developers possess many skills that make them a must-hire for businesses. For creating websites, writing code, software documentation, and generally maintaining and improving a website, a business owner or manager will turn to a web developer. This professional will take on both the function and graphic design of a website and build it according to a business’s specific needs and wants.

Education Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or computing.
Projected Job Growth: 13% by 2028.
Average Salary: $70,000.

Aside from being paid well, IT professionals enjoy many other aspects of their job. This includes being able to work remotely (provided you have remote monitoring and managing software), flexible hours, being able to work in almost any industry, and maintaining their creativity. If you want to assert yourself in a booming field with a high chance of landing a job, consider a career path in IT.

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