AI enthusiasts (or curious), this one’s for you! 

We had the pleasure of having Bruno Capuano, AI and NET advocate from Microsoft, join our principal product manager Eli Malul to discuss the partnership between Microsoft and Atera, and charted the course for AI development. 

Together, they explored the exciting partnership between Microsoft and Atera and delved into the world of AI development.

Whether you’re just starting to dip your toes into generative AI or seeking to enhance your existing capabilities, this insightful webinar recording is for you.

Some of the key topics they covered include: 

The current GenAI landscape

How GenAI is becoming a major differentiator for businesses, transforming various industries by enhancing productivity through the automation of repetitive work and by simplifying the use of various applications.

Microsoft’s GenAI vision

Microsoft is at the forefront of AI development for a reason, and Bruno really showed why when he dove into the game-changing implications of AI, notably the potential of generative AI in shaping future industries. Microsoft’s vision is to make a wide array of AI models accessible to users while leaning heavily into responsible AI practices, such as developing robust tools to mitigate bias. Microsoft is making AI more accessible through various initiatives, like the Co-Pilot AI assistant and their Azure AI studio, which allows users to harness the potential of AI models.

Actionable AI Insights with Azure AI Studio

One of the highlights was the demonstration of the Azure AI Studio. This sophisticated platform allows users to experiment and interact with various AI models. Users can chat with models, connect them to data sources, and delve into different models from giants like OpenAI, Meta, and Microsoft Research. Bruno shed light on the potential to construct custom models for precise domains, a la Windows Copilot. This innovation underscores Microsoft’s aim to kindle users’ creative freedom to leverage AI models and build their own solutions.

Atera’s AI-powered IT (AIT) capabilities

Atera is leveraging GenAI and its Microsoft partnership to offer IT pros various AI capabilities such as in-platform auto-scripting, self-troubleshooting for end users, an AI assistant that can integrate with a user’s KB, and more.

Eli also showed some of Atera’s latest AIT advancements in action! 

Looking at the future of AI

As AI celebrates its ubiquity, Bruno forecasts an increasing prevalence of multi-models capable of analyzing various data types leading to broader applications, and an increased focus on data privacy and security. Eli concluded the session by expressing his enthusiasm for AI’s potential in molding various industries and shaping the future, and the proliferation of cheaper and more accessible AI. 

In conclusion, the webinar underscored the boundless possibilities of AI in revolutionizing industries and its pioneering role in driving future innovation. It is amply clear that a partnership between Microsoft and Atera’s AI has the potential to redefine benchmarks, as the AI narrative continues to unfold in compelling ways.

Watch the full recording below!

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