We loved this month’s Latest Releases webinar, where Yakov walked us through some of the awesome new features on the Atera platform. If you missed the live event, or want to catch up on any of the details, here’s your official recap!


First up, AnyDesk Integration!


AnyDesk is now available for all users on Growth and Power, joining Splashtop which continues to be available for all users. Yakov showed us how to head to Devices and connect to AnyDesk to establish a remote connection between all Windows devices. (Mac support is on the way soon!) After you click Connect, you’ll be prompted with a unique code so that you can securely connect to the agent, allowing you to remotely connect in just a few simple clicks. We’re so excited about this new integration, which came directly from your customer requests.


Atera’s Revamped Referral Program


Yakov showed Aterans how to benefit from the new referral program, which offers $250 in Amazon gift cards for a successful referral to Atera, and an additional $200 in gift cards for every referral thereafter. All users are eligible, and there are no limits to how many people you can refer! Just enter your email to get started directly from within Atera.


Bring Your Own Backup!


Acronis is one of our third-party integrations, a great choice for backing up on the cloud and also locally. We loved seeing the new functionality, which is the ability to connect your current cloud solution to the Acronis local backup. You can simply go to settings, and add backup storage, connecting to Azure, AWS, Wasabi, or whatever cloud is your preference.


UX Improvements A’plenty!


  • SNMP template library improvements: Our SNMP template library is a great resource for Aterans with more than 2,000 clones shared by our community. You can now search by a number of upvotes, and upvote the templates that serve you best.
  • Additional info on disks: Whenever you go into your devices, you’ll now be able to see more information on disks, capacity, and other parameters. This information will also be displayed when looking at your reports.
  • Knowledgebases: Editing knowledge base articles has now become much easier – simply click the edit button when inside the article.
  • Roles and Permissions: Grant or restrict the management of scripts, patching or IT automation for anyone on the team, toggling these permissions on or off as you choose.
  • Work from Home: Via Splashtop, our Work from Home integration allows for seamless remote access. It’s now easier than ever to make changes to this functionality directly from customer profiles.
  • Ticket automation rules: You can now report on whether custom fields are filled in, or empty, and notify customers appropriately. This helps you to automate follow-up, and add efficiency to the process.


If you want to see more on how to access any of these new features or improvements, or you’d like to watch the LIVE Q&A, you can check out the recording of the webinar here.


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