Our latest releases webinar will be looking at new features for both the web app and the mobile app, giving you insight into what we’ve added to the platform lately. Every six weeks, we’ll be hosting this event on how to use the new functionality, offering both a live demo of new features and a Q&A for anyone that has a burning question for our Customer Success team.


If you missed us, here’s a round-up of everything you should know. If you’d like to see the demo, you can watch the full webinar here.


New in the Mobile App


If you haven’t downloaded the Atera mobile app yet, get to it! It’s available for both iOS and Android. We’ve just added a Ticket view for all customers, which you can find in a dedicated Ticket tab, so you can go directly in and comment on a specific ticket. In the settings, you’ll see that we’ve also added support for French, and we’re working on adding more languages soon.


Great News for Mac Users


For those of you who are managing Mac devices, we’ve added some optimizations that will make you smile. We’ve improved the Mac agent, made improvements to the alert system, and fixed some issues that Aterans have been having with automation and patch management.


And it’s not just Mac users that have a reason to party! We’ve made some positive changes to the process of adding a new TCP device, making ports mandatory and allowing device monitoring to happen immediately. If you check out the search bar, you’ll see you can now search by IP address so that you can view all tickets related to the device, and you’ll also be able to look at all available patches from the same page too. If you install a new patch, you’ll get instant feedback on successful installation, no matter where you are in the Atera platform. All of these changes are about making the experience more seamless for you guys and improving the flow.


Native File Transfer


This is one of our favorite new features, making it really simple to quickly and easily upload a file. Just click on manage, and then head to file transfer. It’s super convenient to browse, add, modify or delete files, and of course, it’s all done in the background, so the user won’t be disturbed.


Recent Processes Report


If you’re looking for a centralized place to see all your processes in real-time, you’re looking for the Recent Processes Report. You can select any time period, and see all scripts that have been run, all patches installed, and all uninstalled software. Watch this space for the addition of Chocolatey software installation on the report, too. If you expand the information, you can see at a glance the customer name, software name, process status, or any other information you need on that action.


Working Towards Self-Healing Capabilities


Our script library has gone from strength to strength, and we’re still adding new features that make it even more awesome! This month, we’ve improved scripting access through IT Automation and Threshold profiles. Go to the profile, and you can select or clone a script directly from the shared script library. We’re hoping to keep building on self-healing capabilities, so that for example, you can receive an alert that disk space is low, and automatically run a script that clears the cache, fixing the problem automatically.


If you have a script that we’ve simply got to see, why not enter it into the Atera script library and be in with a chance of winning a $100 Amazon gift card? Head to our community Facebook page to see the full details of the competition.


Enhancements to the Customer Page


As the most commonly used section in the Atera platform, we thought this area could do with some love! You can now view all alerts under the customer, and open a new ticket from the alert. You can also see all time entries for a ticket, and even see at a glance the total time you’ve spent on a specific ticket. Head to the timesheet report, and you’ll see new capabilities there too, such as whether a ticket is billable if it’s been invoiced yet, and the much-asked-for addition of zero-hour tickets, too. By popular demand, we’ve been working on our QuickBooks integration, adding automated sales tax features. Configure everything in QuickBooks, and you’ll see it reflected on the platform.


The MIB Library begins!


Loads of you gave us great feedback at the Fireside Chat about our plans to add MIB libraries for easy SNMP monitoring. We’ve started the process by adding printer alerts, automatic information on issues such as paper jams or ink running low. Watch this space.


And Most Exciting of All… Chocolatey!


This is a feature that we’re going to be improving quickly over time, offering batch software installation for example, so that if you have a prerequisite list of software that needs installing, you can do that with one click. We’ll soon be adding HomeBrew for Macs, supporting software installation for all you Mac managers, too!


Our Chocolatey integration really does offer the easiest and most convenient interface to install new software. Simply go into the device, click manage, and you’ll see the software installation button. No need to download Chocolatey onto the end devices, it’s integrated with Atera. Search for the software in the toolbar, and simply click install.


That’s all for us for this time! Don’t forget, we’re always happy to help with anything you need. Check out our YouTube channel for the latest how-to videos, reach out via the support channels if you have a question, and don’t forget to join our Facebook group to be part of the Atera community!


Don’t forget to check out the full webinar right here, and we’ll be sure to let you know about the next releases webinar ahead of time.

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