Could you work with internal IT departments?

One area of Managed Services that MSPs often overlook is what is known as Downstream IT.

Simply put; Downstream IT is offering your MSP software & services to businesses that already have internal IT departments.

Many businesses have decided to build out their own IT departments.

The downside to internal IT

The challenge with hiring IT staff is that employees need training. Employees take sick leave. Employees require holidays.

Some IT employees also have a limited range of knowledge and don’t have the diversity of breadth of experience that MSPs provide.

Previously, internal IT departments would see external MSPs as a threat to their existence.

And why wouldn’t they? MSPs can do everything internal IT teams to, faster, better, and cheaper!

However, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, internal IT teams are starting to realize they need help.

I’m someone who has a corporate IT background before I ran my MSP.

I can tell you that while an internal IT team is excellent at maintaining the status quo when internal IT departments face significant changes — they need help.

And right now, we’re in a time of THE most significant changes.

The opportunity in downstream IT

As an MSP, you’re nimble. You’re agile. You’re used to adapting to change.

What’s more, most MSPs that I work with are brilliant with processes. You have read The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber (if you haven’t, then I *highly* recommend it. It refers to this book as “The MSP Bible“) and you live and breathe the E-Myth lessons.

The fact that you’ve already got documented systems, processes, and tools that can help you deploy and manage remote workers means right now; you can be super valuable to IT departments.

If you’re not already advertising to businesses with internal IT teams, then I’d get started.

A message as simple as:

“We can help your IT team to rapidly make the changes that your business requires” will catch the attention of decision-makers.

Bonus points for saying “We have a Home Worker in a Box Solution that we can ship to your staff!”.

Downstream IT — working with internal IT teams — is an area of growth for MSPs.


Typically, IT departments have been generalists — and that’s understandable. They aren’t frequently required to be flexible in terms of growth to meet demand, nor do they need the breadth of specialist skills that you, as MSPs, can offer.

People quote me as sharing with MSPs that “you can be the best IT company in the world, but if nobody knows about you, what’s the point?”

Well, now is the time to tell businesses who have their own IT department that your MSP can help them.

Do you already work with internal IT departments?

Could you see yourself speaking to more businesses about supporting their IT departments?

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