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When it comes to the daily grind, we all want clever ways to safely skip steps, intelligently cut corners, and support ourselves and our teams behind the scenes with innovative technology. That’s where Atera’s automation comes in. These are pre-set scripts that can perform particular actions, running on their own to improve efficiency, service, or control. Automations are best suited to tasks that are repetitive and ongoing.

Let’s look at some of our awesome automations, in no particular order of course – we wouldn’t play favorites!

1. Network discovery

Regular scanning is the backbone of any MSP business, and with Atera’s MSP software, constant scans support a detailed view of what’s going on with your client ecosystem, behind the scenes. Network Discovery will automatically provide granular information about a client’s infrastructure, and generate a full inventory, complete with the details you need to know down to a specific device.

2. Opportunities

Have you heard us rave about our Opportunities tab? This is an essential part of Atera’s Network Discovery, and gives a real insight into where upsell ideas are lurking, perhaps out of your line of sight. Updating servers, installing new hardware or software, replacements to legacy applications, and more. It’s all discovered automatically by the Atera Opportunities algorithm, and displayed with a monetary value so you can see the potential.

3. Auto-healing

Have you tried setting up auto-healing yet? This feature eliminates a lot of manual work for many of our customers and allows you to set actions within your threshold profiles that can improve performance, service or speed, completely hands-free. For example, if disk space is running low, you can enable automation to clean out your temporary files, improving performance before a customer even notices, or has time to fill out a ticket.

4. Ticketing queue

One of our recently released automation is the ticketing queue, used well by some of our larger clients. Here, you can automatically assign tickets based on product segment or support tiers, allowing technicians with a priority focus to get there a whole lot faster. For VIP clients or essential services, support can rise to the top and resolution can be given with better efficiency and control.

5. Deleting temp files

Running this kind of automation periodically means that performance and service remain at a high, without needing to put this manual and repetitive task on a low-level employee’s to-do list. Harvard Business Review talks about how empowering employees via automation improves satisfaction, commitment, and performance, and automating tedious administration is a great route to free up these employees to provide more core value.

6. Customer feedback requests

Getting feedback from your customers is the best way to work out how to grow as a business. What better time to collect this valuable information than right after you’ve dealt with a request? Schedule feedback questionnaires to be sent right after a ticket closure, and make sure you don’t miss this important juncture.

7. Software patching

Using Chocolatey for Windows and HomeBrew for Mac, it’s now easier than ever to automate software patching. In fact, you can simply check the ‘Update all’ button from your automation profile to patch all software previously installed. You can also exclude particular software if you choose to, from the manage tab.

8. Email automation

Automation can improve customer service and eliminate much of the repetitive communication that you need to complete, in order to show customers that you’re working on their issue. For example, an MSP could automate an email to be sent when a ticket is answered or opened. If the customer replies, Atera allows you to add this comment to the existing ticket rather than start a new one, consolidating all the information into one place. Smart, eh?

9. Patch management

Outside of software patch management, discussed above, you can schedule various patches such as operating system fixes, disk management, and maintenance to run to your own preferences. You might want to schedule this weekly or monthly, and add steps such as reboot or shut down where necessary. Taking a task like this off your mind means that your systems are always up to date, and you don’t have to worry about falling behind.

10. Run scripts such as removing bloatware

The Atera Script Library has close to 200 scripts that are shared by Aterans, tested by our team, and ready to streamline your MSP services. We love automations such as the Uninstall Bloatware in Windows 10 script, which allows you to remove even the applications which don’t have an uninstall option as standard. If you have a script that you use and love, why not share it with the rest of us?

What automation makes you smile? Make sure to share it in the comments, and help make your fellow Aterans’ life that little bit simpler!

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