For this exciting webinar, we were joined by ESET North America’s Director, MSP Channels Cameron Tousley, and Roy Banon, Atera’s App Center Product Manager. The webinar centered around ESET’s innovative approach to cybersecurity and its partnership with Atera.

Didn’t get a chance to attend? No worries, you can watch it right here or continue reading for the highlights and summary of this talk!

Preventing viruses from showing up on your doorstep since the ’80s

With the dawn of new technologies comes the rise of threats, which couldn’t be more true for computers. The PC, or personal computer, began gaining popularity with the public around the 1970s and was susceptible to threats early on. This is why the four founders created ESET in 1987 and took on the role of the defender of the PC. Fast forward to 2023: ESET has 110M+ users relying on their innovative technology for threat detection and response and is used by MSPs for protecting their customers’ assets.

“Being preventative is the most important thing,” said Tousley. “We’re pouring our money into our R&D to ensure that we’re ahead of threats and preventing them before they even show up on the doorstep.” Since 2016, ESET has doubled its R&D investment to ensure they provide MSPs and IT technicians with the best protection.

Tousley turned our attention to the pillars of ESET’s solutions, which include:

Layered defense

  • It’s important to have multiple solutions working together to protect against all types of cyber attacks.

Integrated architecture

  • You must ensure that the solutions are built to work together, which is why ESET’s layered defense tools are built in-house.

Low-performance impact

  • ESET has a light footprint on the endpoints and a light resource load. This means it is running strong and doing the work while staying quiet on the endpoints for users.

Ease of use

  • ESET is extremely easy to deploy and configure, especially with its partnership with Atera. Their troubleshooting documentation is also well maintained, making it easy to read through and understand.

How ESET prevents threats and responds to detected risks

Over 400,000 businesses use ESET’s server-free, cloud-based solution to protect themselves from malware and zero-day threats. Here’s what’s included in their Protect Complete package:

  • Endpoint protection (includes ESET Endpoint Security)
  • File server security (includes ESET Server Security)
  • Full disk encryption (includes ESET Full Disk Encryption)
  • Cloud sandbox (includes ESET LiveGuard Advanced)
  • Mail security (includes ESET Mail Security)
  • Cloud app protection (includes ESET Cloud Office Security)

Atera’s ESET integration: better together

The ESET partnership with the Atera app center means easier onboarding, fortified technical support by both ESET and Atera, and a number of additional benefits, including:

  • Full billing visibility and usage from inside Atera
  • Experience the value first-hand with a 30-day free trial
  • Diverse cyber security options to enhance your toolbox
  • Competitive TCOs to boost profit margins

No time like the present

Toward the end of the webinar, you’ll see Atera’s App Center Product Manager Roy Banon give a demo on how to get started deploying ESET onto customer devices via Atera.

As aforementioned, if you try ESET through Atera, you’ll get a free 30-day trial to experience the incredible value and confidence ESET gives you and your customers.

ESET is one of many integrations Atera offers through the app center and marketplace. Discover more integrations here.

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