Why Network Automation is the need of the hour

Imagine a piece of software that can thwart cyber threats, troubleshoot network issues, and fix problems without external IT help.


Or imagine how much time your IT department would have to work on revenue-generating activities if you had software that could manage your firewalls, run backups, test, deploy, and operate network devices automatically.


This can only happen when you deploy a network automation system in your firm.


Network automation allows you to automate boring, repetitive activities and achieve greater efficiency and scalability while reducing operational costs. This way, you can serve your customers better by focusing on tasks that cannot run without automation.


In this article, we’ll explore network automation benefits and point you to the best network automation system you should deploy.


What is Network Automation?


Network automation refers to the use of technology to manage and control the configuration, operation, and maintenance of network devices, like routers, switches, and firewalls, in a systematic and automated way.


Network automation is a critical part of the modern IT landscape achieved using various tools and technologies, including software programs, scripts, and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). With network automation, organizations can manage their networks more efficiently, increase their security, and reduce the risk of human error.


Businesses can use network automation in various environments, including enterprise, service provider, and data center networks. It can also be applied to networks such as LANs (Local Area Networks), WANs (Wide Area Networks), and wireless networks.


Businesses can also use network automation in conjunction with other forms of automation, such as security and IT automation, to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s IT infrastructure.

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How can businesses benefit from Network Automation?


It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to implement network automation to remain competitive in the market, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. But these are not the only benefits of network automation.


Here are five key network automation benefits for businesses.


Increased Efficiency


An important goal of network automation is to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of network management tasks. Network automation can lead to increased efficiency by streamlining network operations and reducing the time it takes to perform tasks. This can result in increased productivity and cost savings for businesses.


Improved Security


Network automation also allows organizations to respond quickly to changes in their network environment. With timely upgrades and backups, businesses can be better protected from cyber attacks and malicious activities. Automation can also help enterprises detect threats faster, allowing for faster responses and preventing potential damage.


Reduced Costs


Network automation can reduce operational costs as it eliminates the need for manual labor. Since automation reduces manual intervention, businesses no longer need to hire personnel to manage the network. Automation can also reduce costs by reducing downtime and saving companies money on repair costs.


Improved Scalability


Automating your network can help you scale up by allowing you to add new users, applications, and services quickly. Since an automated network can configure and deploy new devices automatically, your network can grow with your business.


Faster Troubleshooting


Network automation can help businesses to troubleshoot and fix issues as they arise. So, with automation, your systems can easily identify and address network issues before they become costly and time-consuming.


Things to consider while automating


Network automation is the need of the hour for businesses of all sizes. But knowing what’s best for your network can be difficult when looking for a network automation solution.


Businesses need the right tools and strategies to maximize network automation benefits and remain competitive in the market. With the right solution, they can maximize efficiency, speed up deployment, and save money in the long run.


Here are three things to consider when looking for network automation solutions.


Patch management


Patch management ensures that all the software and hardware on your network are up to date and running the latest version. This is essential for network security, as outdated software versions can be vulnerable to malicious attacks or data breaches. It’s also critical for optimal performance since outdated software can slow down your network and cause slowdowns or crashes.


Automated Network Monitoring


Automated network monitoring is essential for keeping your network running smoothly. Automated monitoring will allow you to detect and diagnose problems in real-time, ensuring your network is always running optimally. This will save you time and money and prevent costly downtime.


Automated Security Policies


Automated security policies are a must-have feature for any network automation solution. Automated security policies will help keep your network secure and protect it from threats, reducing the risk of data breaches and other security issues.


How Atera can boost your network automation


The more you automate, the more you can create and the more opportunities you have to grow your business. While automating your network processes is beneficial, you need an IT company with a proven track record that you can trust.


And this is where Atera comes in.


Atera is a robust remote monitoring and management tool that gives you the power to automate complex network tasks like scheduled maintenance, patching, and troubleshooting without any manual effort.


Our automated network management automatically detects, diagnoses, and fixes network issues to keep your network running smoothly. This way, we save you time and money by reducing downtime and ensuring that your network always operates at peak performance. We also offer a variety of automation scripts that can help you automate routine tasks, such as scheduling backups, setting up alerts, and more.


At Atera, we help you automate your network so you can focus on what you do best—creating incredible experiences for your clients. We allow you to free up your staff so they can focus on more critical tasks like innovation and development.


Start using Atera today and experience the power of network automation!


Network Automation FAQs


What are the two benefits of network automation?


With manual processes, there is always the potential for a mistake, leading to costly downtime, delays, and other issues. With automated tasks, you can be sure the process is performed correctly every time. Also, automating specific processes can increase efficiency and free your team’s time to focus on more critical tasks.


What is the purpose of network automation?


One of the primary purposes of network automation is to reduce the amount of manual work that must be completed each time a task needs to be performed. By automating routine tasks, IT teams can free up their time and resources to focus on more specialized tasks.


Another purpose of network automation is to reduce the overall cost of management. Automation eliminates the need for costly manual labor, as tasks typically take hours and can now be completed in minutes. This can result in substantial cost savings, especially for larger organizations.

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