If you want to grow your business, streamline and systematize your processes, you definitely would have loved checking out our very own Ari Sherbill, Lead Evangelist at Atera talking about how to attract more clients along with MSP Nation recently. If you missed it, you can watch the full webinar here, or read on for our highlights!

We’re living in the fastest growing time for MSPs

It’s true. IT services are on the rise, and every business and organization need an IT service today. MSPs are the foundation of this, the unsung heroes of this demand. The only question is, how can you harness this in a way that works for you?

It’s all about shifting your focus. Many of today’s MSPs are either tactical, or strategic. Tactical MSPs focus on the details. They are strong on action but may be weak on vision and strategy. In contrast, strategic MSPs are great in terms of your business goals and vision but might not be able to get down into the bolts and nuts of it all. There is a better way, and we call it the ‘IT-prenuer.’ This model allows users to implement strategies without being right in the thick of it all the time. When followed, you can get better at marketing your business, attracting new customers, and being valued for your expertise.

Become an IT-preneur with freedom by being tribe-centric

Remember that your goal is to appeal to your tribe. Get to know them! Your customers are asking “What’s in it for me?” They don’t want to be confused with lots of options, they need to see the singular purpose of your marketing. You need to show that you have a solution that meets your customer pain. To hone in on what you’re really looking for, and what they want to hear, the questions you need to ask are:

  • Who is your ideal client? Do they have a specific industry or area? How many employees do they have, and how much revenue do they bring in? What is their personally like?
  • What do they want? What are their specific challenges right now? What results do they want? What are their fears, and what do they consider to be the best customer experience out there?
  • Why do they want it? What can you really offer? Are you going to be handholding, helping the business upscale, providing counsel or expertise? Start with WHY and then you can see how to fill that gap.
  • What are their objections? What are they assuming about you? Put yourself in their shoes and know what they are going to worry about in advance. This will automatically make you more confident and powerful going into the conversation.

Focusing on education-based marketing

This concept is all about making a psychological shift from being the bee who chases the nectar, to becoming the flower that attracts the bee. Simply put, providing your users with something valuable is more attractive than selling to them.
Check out the buyer’s pyramid below that can explain this with data. 3% of people are looking to buy now, while another 7% are open to the idea. That leaves 90% of people that MSPs are often not marketing to at all.

Being the bee in the analogy means you’re only going after that 10%, chasing after people who are already interested in your product. Assuming the audience is the 3% or even the 10% is doing yourself a disservice.

Instead, look to craft a message that attracts. This stays away from platitudes or clichés, speaks to your tribe, and offers true value outside of your standard sales pitch. We call this your Signature Talk, and when done right, it might be all you need.

Let’s look at that idea in detail, because it sounds kind of shocking! How can one presentation be all you need? Many MSPs talk about how they should have an optimized website, a more informative blog, an engaging newsletter, better SEO, Facebook ads, Google ads, a sales team, social media content, and dozens of other marketing tools. However, all of those steps are for a certain stage of business. For many MSPs, it’s just not the right time to get the results you want from these strategies.

If you’re earning under 100k per year, you’re in the first stage of business and you should be focusing on building your customer-base and attracting new clients. To do that, you only need your Signature Talk.

By adding clear value and crafting a Signature Talk, you are maximizing the people you’re talking to. Now it’s not just the 10% who are interested who you can hook in, but also the 60% of people who aren’t thinking about your potential value, or who are on the fence about the idea behind it. You’ve just multiplied your value by 22x!

The winning structure for a signature talk

That sounds great, but you’re probably asking, how can I actually write a Signature Talk? No fear, we’ve broken it down for you into eight steps, the formula 8.

  1. Headline: “[X] ways/steps to [solve a specific problem]”
  2. Introduction: My name is x, owner of x business that solves x problem and achieves y result.
  3. Problem: Prove the problem without talking about your product. Use stats and evidence for the challenge you are meeting in the market.
  4. Desired result: Let your listener know that they want to be in control of this problem in a practical way by being armed with the best tools. This will allow them to focus on what’s really important.
  5. Your story: Explain how you started your business, and how you discovered your unique solution. This creates an emotional connection to your listeners. Include your mission, and how you’re going to help your users. They now have a bond with you, you’ve created a relationship.
  6. Framework of your solution: Here is your core content. Provide them something that’s going to help them even before they become a client. Use numbered content so they can see the value they’re receiving. Don’t worry, you’re not giving away your best insights, you’re showing potential customers what you can provide. Trust us, they will only want to come back for more! Teaching them rather than selling to them here attracts the extra 60%.
  7. Outline the biggest mistake that this ‘tribe’ makes and debunk the myth: Your listeners do not want to fall into this trap. Show your listeners how they need you, and how other companies just like them have regretted not using your kind of skills. Whatever the problem in the industry, they are not exempt from the risk.
  8. Make your offer irresistible. Lastly, show the benefits of your specific solution, and provide a unique sell like a discount, or an offer. Then provide a call to action, a way for them to get in touch and apply.

This structure is the only marketing asset you need. You can use this formula 8 in either offline or online meetups, to attract leads through making a video or audio online asset, to make webinars or even through a simple YouTube video.

The resulting metamorphosis for your business

This moves you from being a needy company chasing clients, to becoming a needed and unique service that can help customers with their biggest pain points. With an insight into your tribe, you know the businesses that you want to work with and can charge the price that you feel you are worth.

All that’s left is making sure that you can scale your business to handle the influx of clients without stress. Our customers have consistently praised the use of Atera’s all in one RMM and PSA solution for managing their own clients efficiently, streamlining processes and providing an affordable and feature-rich solution.

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