Atera's All-in-one RMM & PSA Mobile App

Run your entire IT business from the palm of your hands with Atera’s all-in-one Mobile App. Resolve alerts, manage devices, contact clients, see system overviews and much more on the go to save time and increase revenue.

Alerts, while on the go!

Stay up to date with alerts & important notification while on the move.


Connect Remotely, Anytime!

Accessing your managed devices has never been easier, with Atera App.


Take Action, at a moment’s notice.

Troubleshoot alerts using Atera’s RMM tool, built directly into our mobile app.

Get Alerts on the Go

Step away from your desk with confidence. Get the same alerts you’re already familiar with as push notifications directly to your phone.

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Connect Remotely Anytime, Anywhere

With Splashtop at your fingertips you can now remotely access your clients devices and workstations, anytime, anywhere.

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Take Action, at a Moment’s Notice.

Now you can deploy resolutions without delay. Using the mobile app, you can remote in to solve issues, deploy scripts, run patches and so much more.


See Atera in Action

RMM Software, PSA, Remote Access, Network Discovery and now a brand new Mobile App – Our platform will change the way you run your MSP Business!

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