Interested in learning about some of the top SaaS affiliate programs to get involved in this year? We’ve compiled a list of the best and the brightest, giving you a sweep of the industry to understand which SaaS affiliate programs work for you. Let’s dive in!




Let’s start close to home, with Atera’s Nexus Program, our affiliate program for our all-in-one IT software solution. When you love your IT software, you just have to tell your friends, so why not get rewarded for it? Nexus is also suitable for content creators who are great at social sharing, and IT educators who can easily promote Atera on their courses, Atera provides a tracking dashboard, banners, marketing assets and promotional materials – all you need to do is share your link! Ultimate perk? As long as referrals remain with Atera, you’ll keep seeing that value.



ATERA - Homepage Homepage



Godaddy is one of the best-known web hosting companies out there today, but as well as hosting and domain registration, they offer SSL certificate services, business email, social media and SEO. Their affiliate program offers a cookie lifetime of 45 days, and it will take you a couple of days to get approved and ready to start. As web domains and registration are in high demand, this is a good product or service to add to a portfolio for affiliate marketers, with almost zero risk.


GoDaddy - Homepage Homepage




With a slightly shorter cookie lifetime of 30 days, Shopify’s affiliate program is a seriously popular one! If you’re not familiar with Shopify, it’s the eCommerce platform that has taken on Amazon! (And if you’re interested, Amazon’s cookie lifetime for its affiliate program is just 24 hours.) Shopify is all about elevating its affiliates to be thought leaders in their own spaces, allowing you a data-driven dashboard to track performance, and helping you expand your audience (and your referral income, too!).


Shopify - Homepage




SEMrush is technology that helps businesses improve their marketing and visibility on the internet, with tools that span the whole marketing suite, from SEO and PPC, to keyword and competitor analysis and research, content marketing and even entire campaign management. SEMrush’s affiliate program uses a last-click attribution model, which measures the last touchpoint of any customer before they make their purchase, and gives that source 100% of the credit for the sale. All that, and 120 days of cookie life is a competitive edge!


SEMrush - Homepage




Wix is a namestay of the website building world, and if you are happy with your website building experience, why not promote the building tools and earn some rewards! The cookie lifetime for Wix’s affiliate program is a little on the short side at 30 days, but you can drive unlimited referrals, which gives you a wide net to cast. Unsurprisingly, as we’re dealing with Wix, you get a whole portfolio of beautiful and high-performing banners and creative designs to choose from, too.


Wix - Homepage




The Mailchimp affiliate program is a little different, and we’ll admit it comes with a few hoops to jump through. First off, it’s only for paying customers of the marketing automation and email marketing software. Second, you’ll need to pay to be a part of the party, with three tiers for joining the program, Essentials, Standard and Premium. Your rewards will be given in the form of bill credits, which will be taken off your next payment. Cool extra? Both you and the person you refer can benefit from the bill credits, making it even more fun to refer to your own network.



Mainchimp - Homepage





Adobe’s suite of software solutions has become part of the modern-day must-have tech stack, so this affiliate program is especially great for schools, universities, and large corporations. The affiliate program is especially targeted at specific products, namely Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Stock, and Adobe Document Cloud. It’s free to join the program, and cookie lifetime is 30-days from the moment your link is used. Your referrals will thank you, as the affiliate program offers you the chance to hand over discounts, student offers, bundle discounts, and campaigns.



Adobe - Homepage




Canva has taken the design world by a storm over the last few years, and if you’re a design influencer, have a large social media presence, or work in design education – you’re likely to be a perfect fit for their affiliate marketing program. Cookie lifetime is 30 days, and you’ll get access to exclusive affiliate content, such as a How-to guide for beginners, bespoke ad templates, and community support such as tips and ideas to help you get started. A great choice for design-obsessed beginners to affiliate marketing, especially if you’re already a fan of Canva Pro.



Canva - Homepage





Who wouldn’t love an affiliate program with lifetime attribution? That’s right, no cookie lifetime to worry about here, meaning as long as a customer uses your link – that reward is coming your way. You can drive traffic to a wide range of Fiverr products, such as Fiverr for Business, Fiverr Logo Maker, and Fiverr Learn, so depending on your industry – you can choose the affiliate program from this freelancer marketplace that works for you. You’ll also get different earnings depending on the category you drive traffic to, with all Fiverr Pro services providing the largest rewards.



Fiverr - Homepage




Udemy is a leader in online learning and course content, and invites you to be part of its affiliate marketing program and drive traffic and customers to any course that takes your fancy! In recent years, Udemy has dropped its cookie lifetime from 30 days down to just 7, which could cause some friction with its affiliates, who recognize that course decisions aren’t snap purchases, and may want their link lifetimes to have more longevity. If you’re serious about affiliate marketing though, you’ll probably love the dashboard, which measures and tracks clicks, impressions, sales and all commissions.


Udemy - homepage




Namecheap is another great option for affiliate marketing in the web hosting and domain registration business, and offers a cookie lifetime of 30 days, slightly less than Godaddy for example. You can access and manage your affiliate relationship with Namecheap via three platforms, Impact Radius, Commission Junction, and Shareasale. Namecheap are serious about supporting their affiliates, with plenty of affiliate marketing guides, how-to’s, marketing content, and a support team to guide you with any bumps in the road.


Namecheap - Homepage




We love how Tubebuddy uses the Atera mentality of “however long your referred customers remain paying customers, the rewards keep on coming!” You can also earn a free Star or Legend license for yourself if you refer enough customers, (even if they don’t upgrade) and your cookies are lifetime guaranteed – so you don’t have to worry about them timing out. Basically, this business that helps content creators to build and monetize YouTube content wants to make it as easy as possible to support Tubebuddy while making some money for yourself along the way. Simples.



TubeBuddy - Homepage



101 domain


101 domain offers a wide range of web services, from hosting and Google workspace, to SSL certificates, email and proxy services, registry locks, and good old website building. One cool option on 101 domain is that as well as using pre-made banners with an affiliate link, you can also just email the company and let them know who you referred! The company takes care of the rest, and provides great resources, including an affiliate dashboard where you can keep track of commissions in detail.



101domain - Homepage





Another web hosting company that offers an affiliate program, but this one is about as comprehensive as it gets. This is a great choice for serious affiliate marketers who want to turn referrals into an income stream. You can choose between two options, Slab or Hybrid, depending on how you want to earn, with Hybrid offering lifetime commissions, and high-retention rewards, while Slab has performance-based payouts, and a consistent model with high commissions. Affiliate cookies last for 90 days, and Slabs reset at the beginning of each month.


Coludways - Homepage




If you’re looking to join an affiliate program in Finance and Cryptocurrency, then eToro might well be the right choice. You’ll receive your own custom affiliate tracking program, three-tier commission, and the ability to refer across global markets. The cookie lifetime is pretty standard, at 30 days. You get a lot of flexibility, being able to choose from a cost-per-action model, or a revenue sharing approach. We also like the affiliate dashboard, where you can track and optimize your affiliate data.



Etoro - Homepage




NordVPN is a well known Virtual Private Network SaaS solution, and its affiliate program is well worth the look! With a 30 day cookie lifetime, publishers can refer customers to any of its VPN products for Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, and both iOS and Android on mobile. It’s pretty easy to get accepted, with around 95% of all requests agreed, and you can earn for initial sign ups, and also for renewals. You can also link specifically to content or articles that align with your business, to reduce friction.



nordVpn - Homage




An online accounting solution for small to medium businesses, the Freshbooks affiliate program stands out for a number of reasons. First up, it offers an extended cookie lifetime of 120 days, much longer than the industry standard. You can post affiliate links anywhere, such as your website, social media, blog, or business content – and you’ll be able to reach out to a dedicated affiliate team with any questions or to get further support and marketing materials, too.



freshbooks - Homepage





Elementor is best known as one of WordPress’s most popular page builders, allowing users to create beautifully designed web pages for a wide range of industries. The cookie lifetime is 30 days, pretty standard, and you can receive payouts after 30 days, too. This would be a great fit affiliate program if your audience is keen on web development and website building. Bonuses? Affiliates get a marketing kit, a comprehensive knowledge base, and a tracking dashboard, too.



elementor - Homepage




No-code web builders don’t get much simpler than Webflow, and if you want to share the love, then becoming part of Webflow’s affiliate program is a fantastic idea! The cookie lifetime policy is 90 days, which is much longer than other similar affiliate programs. Payments continue until the customers churn, which is another great perk. Webflow believes that their program is a one-size-fits-all, great for bloggers and writers, educators, entrepreneurs, social media gurus, and more.



webflow - homepage




With a 30-day cookie lifetime policy, Coursera is a great affiliate program for educators and learners alike. Coursera is known for providing online courses for customers, employees, and anyone looking for a virtual learning experience that checks all the boxes. There are more than 4,000 courses, and it’s likely that many will seamlessly blend with your own business model or interests, making it seamless to start earning from your association without any friction. There are bonuses for strong performance, and a product merchandise catalog that’s updated each day.



Coursera - Homepage




HubSpot is synonymous with inbound marketing, and you can apply to be part of the HubSpot affiliate program via its partner, Impact. HubSpot offers a generous 90-day window for cookie lifetime, which maximizes the amount of returns you can get from any influenced sales or conversions. One thing to note – HubSpot are pickier than some about their affiliates, so this one is best for marketing-oriented businesses or publications to consider as part of their affiliate portfolio.



hubspot - homepage




It’s free to become an affiliate of Bluehost, a popular web hosting provider with a lot of value-added services such as email, WordPress support, eCommerce, professional services, and domains. The process is very simple, with few bells and whistles, you simply share your affiliate link, which will be valid for any purchases that fall within the 45-day cookie window. Bluehost is known for its tracking capabilities, ensuring that no lead slips through the net.



bluehost - homepage



We hope you enjoyed our list of 22 of the top affiliate programs for 2022! Don’t forget to check out Atera’s own Nexus program, aimed at next-gen affiliates who want to earn by sharing the Atera love!

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