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Whether you’re carving up a turkey or a tofurkey this year, it’s time to get family and friends together, and get your Thanksgiving on!

Here at Atera, we are using the holiday season to round up our favorite IT advancements, tools that make our lives easier, partnerships that make our processes quicker, and relationships which make our hearts sing! Here are 7 of the best, with our wishes to those who celebrate a joyful and happy Thanksgiving.

Network Discovery

The first big thank you on our list is for our Network Discovery feature! Automatically scanning and compiling a list of all assets across any environment is more than just a handy tool, it’s a must-have for security, onboarding, QBRs, and more.

Network Discovery can create a complete picture of any environment, which you can then use as a baseline in case anything changes. Many of our customers have said how thankful they are for its ease of use, allowing installation of Atera agents, right from the scan results! Want an extra reason to be thankful? If you’re not yet signed up with Atera, you might be in time to grab hold of 3 free months of Network Discovery in this year’s Black Friday bonanza!

Remote Access

When you don’t have to do site visits, that’s a serious reason to be grateful! As remote work continues to proliferate across IT environments, and as Managed Services increase in popularity, both internal IT staff and MSPs love the ability to remote into any device, from the comfort of their own desk.

At Atera, users can benefit from AnyDesk and Splashtop for remote access, so that you can launch unattended and attended sessions on the fly, share files, troubleshoot, perform fixes, and more. You can even use the Atera mobile app, which was recently updated for both functionality and ease of use. Want to remotely access your work computer from home, so that you can be thankful for the lack of commute? Atera has you covered there too, with Work from Home.

Shared Script Library

Have we mentioned how thankful we are for YOU, yet? We’ve never met a more collaborative and supportive community, and the Shared Script Library is just one example of that Atera camaraderie. Users upload scripts to the library, we vet them, and send them out to you, so that you can benefit from intelligent automation any time of day.

Top scripts at the moment include the ability to automate disabling USB devices, find Windows WiFi passwords, automate disk cleanup, clean up that ever-filling printer queue, and remove bloatware from a device. Imagine getting back all of those hours in a day… and now putting it into action.

Patch management

Another manual task that takes up a lot of time is implementing patches. Patches are an essential part of keeping an IT environment up-to-date and secure, but it’s not always smooth sailing! Different patches come out on different days, some might fail, or certain devices might need a gentle hand.

Atera has you covered, offering the ability to create customized schedules for each and every device under your purview, ensuring cybersecurity is top of mind for hardware, software, and operating systems, too. Try creating software bundles for different groups of users, and enjoy a one-click install of patches across any bundle. That leaves one hand free to pass the yams.

IT automation

Someone takes a job off your hands, and you say? Thank you! Think of IT automation as a personal assistant who can complete tasks before they have even been assigned, and you’re getting close to understanding its capabilities.

At Atera, customers love use cases for IT automation like automating maintenance tasks such as disk defragmentation, reboots, and disk cleanups or automating patch management or custom scripts using PowerShell. We also offer powerful PSA automation, such as auto-replies and auto-dispatch for repetitive FAQs that come in through the ticket queue.

Dessert time? We’re serving it up with a slice of AI. Harness the power of AI-powered IT to make your support reps’ lives easier.

Our beloved partners

Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family, and our partners are a little bit of both! We are proud to integrate with some of the best in the business, offering best-in-class technology that works seamlessly with our own.

Are you up to date with some of our latest integrations and add-ons? This year, as well as deepening our relationship with old favorites, we’ve welcomed Domotz for Network Monitoring, Ironscales for email security, Malwarebytes for protection against a wide range of online threats, Emsisoft for dual engine security,  and workload protection platform Veeam!

The Atera community!

Finally, we wouldn’t be able to round up a list of what we’re grateful for without mentioning you guys, the Atera community. We’ve already mentioned your practical input with innovation like the Shared Script Library, (600 scripts and counting!) but what we love the most is how even throughout our growth, we still feel like one big family.

Today, Atera has more than 10,000 customers, in more than 105 countries around the world, managing 3.5 million devices, but head to our Facebook or Reddit community, and you’ll see friends helping one another with Atera-related questions as well as wider IT challenges. Our quarterly Fireside Chats are still filled with friendly faces who we recognize from the earliest days of Atera, plus new members of the community eager to speak to our executive board and hear about our plans and next steps.

We are so thankful for each and every one of you for your trust and your support, and we can’t wait to unveil our plans for 2023!

In the meantime, check out 4 of our top reports, so you can explain to customers and colleagues why they should be thankful for YOU this Thanksgiving season!

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