Hear ye hear ye: Advanced reports have arrived at Atera! We sat down with Ortal and Gila, CSMs extraordinaires to discuss the updates to reporting, and how you can use them to supercharge your IT business.

If you missed the live webinar or want to go over the best bits, watch it here, or keep reading for some choice highlights!

Advanced reporting — straight from the community

Advanced reporting comes straight from the Atera Feature Board, a heavily voted request from our Atera community, showing what an impact you can all have on the progress of the product.

5 brand new pre-set dashboards

Find advanced reports in the Reports tab, and you can use the Shared feature to find 5 pre-set dashboards. You can perform 3 main actions from here, scheduling the preset dashboard to be delivered via email to employees or customers at your chosen cadence or time, downloading the whole dashboard or specific tiles to save or share outside of the platform, and filtering the dashboards according to any relevant value set that you would like. Remember, this Viewer part of the platform is available from the mid-tier plans and upwards.

The second permission is the Explorer, allowing you to customize and merge different reports, and access an interactive dashboard, available for Power and Master plans.

The 5 pre-set dashboards for viewers are:

  • Hardware inventory: View memory, CPU, click speed and core speed, disk types, OS, devices, and other assets, and click down to see more information about any category.
  • Customer tickets overview: View a summary of your customer tickets over a customizable period of time, filtering by technicians, customers, tags, duration, and more.
  • Ticketing summary: See full ticket distribution, including SLA references, rush hours of the business, when you have the highest workload, and identify quiet hours too. You can also spot overdue tickets, all from one view.
  • Technicians overview: For managers and executives, compare performance, impact, and productivity across teams and technicians, filtering to view granular information.
  • Ticket alerts: Access a summary of all of your alerts, organized by criticality, and easily segmentable between categories like Windows and Mac, or different workstations.

Customizable reports from the Atera platform

With an Explorer permission, you’ll be given your own folder to customize and save your own reports, personal to you. No one else on your team will have access to this. If team members have admin permissions, you’ll all be able to see shared reports in the Atera platform under Advanced Reports, saved at a group level and accessible to all.

During the demo, the team demonstrated how Explorers can create their own customized reports. First, click on New Advanced Report, and choose a view from the long drop-down list! This could be anything from hardware, IP addresses, agents, tickets, customers, and the list goes on. Once you click on a category, you’ll be taken to a dashboard where you can choose what your subcategories will be, and watch as the data visualizes in front of your eyes!

Filter according to your exact needs until you have the right values in place. For example, you might choose a specific time period, or particular types of assets and devices to report on. Drag and drop so you can see the information in the best way for you. Now you can just save the report, add it to an existing dashboard, or save it as a new dashboard altogether for ultimate flexibility.

Let’s say for example you want to see how many devices you have running on a specific OS, and then identify those which can be updated (for example in terms of available memory) in order to show your manager or MSP customer. In a few clicks, you can easily view this with a visualization or a graph, making it look appealing and intuitive. Set it as a tile, and add it to a dashboard that’s called Upgrade opportunities or similar.

We’re just sharing the tip of the iceberg of what you can achieve with our awesome new reporting dashboard. We’re excited to see how the Atera community rises to the challenge! And don’t forget. If you have any issues at all with any of our new advanced reporting functionality, make sure to reach out. We have human chat and email so that you can get the help you need.

See you next time!

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