If you joined us for this week’s Fireside Chat, you’ll already know it was more exciting than that time you guessed the Wordle on the first try! Hosted by our CEO Gil Pekelman and CTO Oshri Moyal, and joined by R&D Lead Kfir Cohen and CSM Nina Sherman Green, we recapped 2021 in style, and unveiled some BIG PLANS for 2022.


If you missed the live event, we missed you! We can’t recap the energy in the room, but here are the CliffsNotes!


Looking back on 2021


As you can see in our recap video, we had quite a year in 2021 (and a whole lot of coffee!)

Atera raised significant funds, and immediately focused on putting it into developing the technology and the product to best fit our clients’ needs. We currently have more than 9,000 customers in 105 different countries! They work in different industries with various types of customers, and our goal is always to ensure the product meets a wide range of needs without making it clunky or difficult to use.


Internally, we’ve dramatically grown our R&D team, and improved our ability to address customer pain points to meet the challenges that you bring to our attention. With our thriving R&D team (set to grow to 100 people by the end of 2022) we can meet requirements with greater velocity, and push features out to you even faster.


We are also investing heavily in security. Oren Elimelech is our new CISO, and he’s helping us build a security strategy so that we implement the right tools and processes from the ground up.


New team structure – #squadgoals


The way we structure our teams has changed for the better!


We are now creating dedicated teams for each product, whether that’s Network Discovery, RMM, the IT Department, PSA, Billing, or otherwise, and within each of these teams, we will house the expertise to get any job done a whole lot faster.


This squad-style approach will ensure that every product has dedicated product management, development, design, and more, as each squad has their own mission and is wholly dedicated to their own product.


We released 85 community-driven features over 18 releases this year! Shout out to four of our most prominent updates in 2021, Auth0 for identity verification, AnyDesk for remote access, Azure Active Directory, and UserVoice that helps us meet your community requests with greater simplicity and track them on a weekly basis.


Honorable mentions for RMM updates include our SNMP templates library, IT automation, Disk information, and Automation assignments – all pushed from our community.
On the PSA side, we’ve improved the customer portal and the mobile app, and we’re rolling out AI capabilities to add a dose of smarts to your tickets and enable automated responses and actions.


Highlights of our add-ons


Kfir walked us through some of the best bits of our Atera add-ons from 2021.


You can now scan workgroups with Network Discovery, you can bring your own cloud storage to Acronis and set this up within Atera, and benefit from new web protection through BitDefender.


We also now have support for Security Awareness Training through Webroot – keeping your employees informed and educated against the latest threats. We also have a soft spot for the new calendar integration with Office 365 and Google Calendar so that technicians can schedule events and see them from inside the ticket itself.


Atera’s got a new look!


The goal with our facelift was never less age lines – it was all about improving user experience. We hope you’ll agree we now have more responsive design, better search functionality, smoother filtering, and much simpler in-line editing. For those of you who participated and gave your feedback – thanks for your help, we think it looks aces!


Are you up to date with the latest community news?


The Atera community is where you want to be! This year, we held 150 training webinars, 400 walkthrough webinars, 8 MSP minds live webinars, 3 latest releases webinars and 2 feature webinars, with a cumulative 4,500 attendees. We also upped the knowledge base by 112 articles, as well as adding 326 articles in French, and 313 in German. Talking about German, we now have an Atera


community page in German on Facebook – komm und finde uns!


Our upcoming Customer Resource Portal will centralize the essentials so Atera customers will be able to find community information, webinars and videos, support info and dedicated CSM contact details all in one place. Watch this space.


Quick reminder that it’s never been a better time to invite friends to join Atera. Our referral program earns you a sweet $250 Amazon gift card for your first successful referral, and a $200 Amazon gift card for every one thereafter. There is no limit to how many referrals you can make (and cash in on!)


Remember to reach out to customer support 24/7 or 24/5 on live chat – our CSAT is currently at 98.25%, so you know our support reps will be able to help you!
You can also join Atera on Slack, where we’re chatting it up a storm with the rest of the IT community.


What’s on the horizon for Atera in 2022?


Enter Oshri! Our favorite CTO talked us through some of the upcoming features you can expect coming your way in 2022, including:


  • Atera Pay: Atera will soon allow you to bill your customers integrated into the PSA solution, so that every time you generate an invoice you can send a link to your customer, allowing them to pay simply and quickly via this link.


  • Asset management: Manage all your linked devices with a full mesh of linked assets to easily connect the dots! Connect a device to a contact, see warranties or reports, and make it easier to manage large customers with a lot of elements in their network.


  • Patch management: A more streamlined process for patch management to keep all your assets secure, including management of hidden patches, sequenced management, and improvements based on your feedback.


  • Recommended solutions: If you love our AI-features, we’re taking it to the next level! You’ll soon be able to access continuously improving auto-generated solutions that can be deployed in a single click to fix IT issues in real-time. We’re stoked about this one!


  • Network Discovery: We’ve already added Workgroups support and improved the UX of this essential tool in the last few months, and later on this year we’ll be adding more security features to this popular feature.


  • Integrations: Atera has a new infrastructure to add integrations faster and with greater ease. It’s now easier than ever for vendors to add deep integrations with Atera, including alerts, billing and more. Our goal is to add two or three new integrations each month, so head to UserVoice and add any integrations that you’re crossing your fingers for!


You can’t say we didn’t bring the fire! 2021 was awesome, and we’re psyched to see all of these features and more coming to a dashboard near you in 2022. To check out the full Fireside Chat, plus hear the community Q&A – watch the event here:


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