Who joined us for Fireside Chat? We had such an awesome time seeing you all and were joined by our CEO, Gil, our CTO, Oshri, Senior Product Manager, Liran, and Technical CSM, Yasmin. We always look forward to our fireside chats, giving us a chance to answer your questions and speak to you all in a more intimate way, and this event was no different! Here’s what you missed, and make sure to join us next time!


A Message from Gil


“We are all geared up for the year of the MSP together. After all, we survived COVID, there are a lot of exciting things ahead of us, and the growth in the market is huge. In fact, we’re seeing an almost 12% annual growth rate, which is very high. COVID has accelerated the need of the market and the need for MSPs in general. After all, it was MSPs who in part kept the world moving during 2020, facilitated remote working and business continuity, and so technologically, business-wise, and more – it’s the year of the MSP!


As many of you know, we just raised $25 million in minority funding for targeted growth, and we couldn’t have done it without you guys. We understand what you’ve gone through this past year, and we want to thank you deeply. We have only one goal with this funding, and that’s to make Atera better. We’re going to accelerate R&D, expand support to help you with your business, increase the size of the Atera community, and provide new resources for your business growth.”


Highlights of 2020


So much to come, and so much has happened in the last year, too! In 2020, Atera users increased remote connections by 2.5x, and resolved more than 1.6x the number of tickets than in 2019! A rising tide is lifting all ships!


We released more than 60 community-driven features throughout the year, as part of our 17 releases, every three weeks. Here are some of the numbers that explain our incredible growth.


Our shared script library is increasing in popularity, with 300 scripts in the library, and 15,000 scripts cloned altogether. We see the power of the community in action! We also introduced one-click software installation on Windows and Mac, leading to 60,000 software installations, and 1,500 software bundles were created, too. Our brand-new mobile app was installed 2,700 times on iOS and 3,200 on Android. Our new Mac Agent led to 15,000 new Mac deployments and was used by 3,700 users altogether. We also introduced the Recent Processes report that shows what Atera is doing in granular detail, and it’s already been used by more than 7,000 times, by more than 1,500 users each month!


On the PSA side, we introduced two new accounting integrations with Xero and Quickbooks online, and now support scheduled tickets, quick replies, mobile ticketing, and smart invoicing features.


We released 4 new add-ons in 2020! Work from Home to support COVID-19 reality and remote working, Network Discovery, Acronis back-up, and Bitdefender Cloud Security. We also invested in our infrastructure behind the scenes, and through an upgraded database we have improved speed and performance by 30%, and via enabling faster actions on remote agents, we’ve also hiked performance by 25% there. Other improvements include a boosted sample rate for software inventory and patch management reports, enhanced API support with query filters and updated custom fields, and a new scheduling infrastructure that allows you to set your own flexible routines for IT automation and patch management. Awesome!


It’s All About Helping You Scale!


Are you making the most out of threshold profiles? More than 31k threshold profiles were created in 2020, helping you run self-healing scripts and automatically remediate and solve issues, hands-free. We also have enhanced our powerful patch management and software installation and update capabilities, via Chocolatey and HomeBrew, ensuring all your managed endpoints are up to date.


We’ve added support for scheduled tickets and reports so that you can create recurring tickets, get reports for the timeframes you need, or be really flexible about your ticketing and reporting needs. The number of reports sent each month has sky-rocketed to 21,000! We’re also working on localizing the product, and Atera is now available in French and German! We’re rolling out new languages soon, so watch this space.


Lastly, in terms of training and development, we opened the Atera Academy in 2020! There are 4 customer education courses there, with 22 videos, and we already have 1,140 members, and counting! You can also access training on YouTube and Vimeo, we have 134 videos and we’ve had more than 4 MILLION VIEWS! You guys are the best, and we hope you continue to find value in our content!


Win BIG!


We have a couple of great opportunities to walk away with a $250 Amazon gift card. Firstly, our NEW Script library contest, for one person with the most liked script, and the person who submits the most scripts altogether!


We’re also rolling out a great new Referral program, where you can earn a $250 Amazon gift card for any technician who sends us a successful referral, and a $200 gift card for every additional referral, too. The sky’s the limit with this one, so get referring! You’ll find your unique link in Atera, coming soon.


What’s Next for 2021?


Here’s a quick overview of some of the great new content you can expect coming soon. We’re starting with a new search infrastructure including auto-complete, more complex search features, and deeper search into content, too. We already released SNMP shared library this month, so feel free to add OIDs to this library and share your wealth with the community!


Calendar integration is on its way. When you schedule a ticket or a technician visit, you can integrate this with your preferred calendar, including Google Calendar or Office 365. We’re also expanding our support to include a Linux Agent – we know you’ve been waiting for this one for a while, and this is actually in response to one of the polls from the last Fireside Chat! You’ll have all the monitoring capabilities and remote access that you need to fix problems and patch management, too. We’re improving the UI, making it faster, easier to navigate, and we’re planning to include Dark mode, too.


Look out for a brand-new log-in system, allowing you to use biometric login such as fingerprints or facial recognition. Security is so important, and our priority is to keep you and your customers safe and secure. Lastly, for now, our Native AnyDesk remote connect is on its way. If you have Growth or Power plans, this will come at no additional cost and will allow two technicians to connect simultaneously to the same machine. *Happy dance*!


Want to network more with other Aterans? If you’re not already involved, our biggest community is on Facebook, the Atera Users Official Community. You can also find us on Reddit and LinkedIn, too. Until next time!



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