Before COVID-19, if you would have asked most IT professionals what the hardest part of cybersecurity was for SMBs, they probably would have mentioned patch management, making sure that software is up to date, etc.


Not anymore!


Most IT professionals, and especially MSPs/MSSPs will tell you now that ever since COVID-19, securing home workers has been a nightmare.


There are businesses where 100% of workers are working from home and business where 10% of workers are WFH. But almost every SMB has at least one home worker.


WFH is the future, and IT professionals have a responsibility to make sure that the future is secure.


Which opens up a whole bag of worms:


  • How do you make sure their home network is secure, including the firewall, etc?
  • How do you protect your office network and cloud resources when home users are connecting from an insecure network?
  • What about remote access to the office?
  • Conditional access to cloud resources?
  • What about compliance? HIPAA, Cyber Essentials, CMMC, etc?


That’s why you need a new network security stack. A stack that connects your home and office workers to a virtual office network, securing it with a virtual firewall, DNS filtering, threat analysis, and encryption. Something that allows easy remote access and conditional access to cloud resources.


That’s why we developed Privatise, Cloud-Based Network Security. Privatise provides a ROC, or Remote Office Cluster, which puts all of your client’s users into one hardened, heavily protected, and easy to manage virtual network.
And it can be done with only a few clicks. Privatise integrates into your PSA & RMMs, and covers the entire network security stack. Making securing your businesses and your WFH users a breeze.


The world is changing, and as business owners, entrepreneurs, and senior managers, we must adapt to the changing reality and implement the right tools. Privatise is one of those tools.


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