Did you join us for our Spotlight on Partners webinar? It was an awesome chance to meet representatives from Axcient, Emsisoft, and Ironscales, our three exciting new cybersecurity partners. If you’re interested in learning how to use these integrations to broaden your feature set and to support customers and colleagues – keep reading for the highlights.

Introducing Axcient: a backup that simplifies data management

First up, we spoke to Charlie Tomeo, CRO, and Cory Hintz, Sales Engineer Manager at Axcient. Charlie has a decade of experience in the Managed Service Provider space and shared his vision for curing data loss and keeping businesses running even in the worst situation.

“Protecting data is getting harder and harder, the level of threat against SMBs and service providers has escalated, and the hybrid and remote workforce has added another complication – with data everywhere.”

What Axcient does is stop that complexity and simplify how data is managed by streamlining the tech stack, as the average partner has four different backup vendors. By saving time and making better margins, MSPs and IT pros can save money overall.

The x360Recover Direct to Cloud offering is a robust disaster recovery solution, utilizing AirGap technology that can protect against internal and external threats, and can be leveraged on the cloud as well as with your own hardware. You can benefit from a virtual office, so that even if a disaster occurs with no warning, and you lose or break your laptop, in ten minutes you can be working from a verified version of your office in the cloud.

Charlie also shared a use case where one of their customers saw an 80% reduction in backup vendors, a 50% reduction in support tickets, and a 30% reduction in employee onboarding.

Top benefits of Axcient? Chain-free backup with no reseeding to avoid data bloat, AirGap technology to protect against internal as well as external threats, multiple deployment options to suit specific business models, and unlimited data storage and retention, without storage-based pricing.

Introducing Emsisoft: effective endpoint protection

Next up, Luke Connolly, Partner Manager at Emsisoft, alongside Davlat Aminov, Director of Sales and Business Development took center stage!

Luke spoke to the product’s background and key differentiators, with primary objectives of product quality and ethical business practices such as customer privacy, and minimizing the collection of personal data. “Our objective is to make great protection accessible.”

There are three Emsisoft products available with the new Atera partnership, which are Anti-malware Home, Business Security, and Enterprise Security. They all share a single UI and offer multi-layered endpoint protection as well as cloud protection, web and browser protection, and behavioral analysis that can detect zero-day exploits.

By default, the centralized management console has Emsisoft branding, but you can change this to your own branding and logo. Luke displayed his knowledge of the MSP world by commenting that as an MSP it helps to maintain a level of awareness, and co-branding reinforces the value of your service and the relationship.

Highlights of the management console include policy templates that help to make configurations simple and repeatable, and you’ll see any configuration changes, such as blacklisting, reflected on end-points in near real-time.

From the console, you can also see Incidents and Threat Hunting panels, which is part of the EDR solution. The Incidents panel helps you get more information on potential threats to uncover the risk level, with links to MITRE ATT & CK TTPs for example. You can isolate the endpoint from inside the console while you complete your reconnaissance. Search across any and all endpoints to look for specific IoC from the Threat Hunting panel.

So, why Emsisoft? It’s a strong, enterprise-level solution with multiple layers of protection as well as EDR. It’s a cloud-management console which is easy to use and designed for MSPs, and it offers competitive pricing which helps to protect customers without impacting the bottom line.

Introducing Ironscales: AI-driven email security

The last voice in our jam-packed partners’ webinar was David Habusha, SVP Product Management at Ironscales, alongside Naama Cohen, Product Manager.

David introduced us to Ironscales, and its feature-rich email security offering, now available for all Aterans. Ironscales can look at user risk with a 360-degree view. This allows the technology to prevent, detect, respond to, and predict threats in any inbox.

“The user is the new endpoint. We create a social behavior map for users and then by understanding normal communications, we can isolate any deviation from the norm. This means we can mitigate the most sophisticated business email compromise, credential harvesting, and any additional attacks that happen through email or messaging platforms.”

Solution features include:

  • Advanced malware and URL scanning and protection
  • A mailbox-level anomaly detection engine
  • AI-powered incident response
  • Decentralized real-time threat detection
  • A virtual SOC analyst that makes intelligent decisions
  • Customized, gamified simulation and training.

In particular the virtual SOC agent benefits from working with tens of thousands of customers to get continually smarter about the threats to your business and your customer or colleague environments.

With Ironscales, Atera’s users can now benefit from Email Protect, which can quickly detect phishing emails that may otherwise slip past your business defenses, and also integrated Security Awareness Training (SAT) for employees and customers.

The top benefits of Ironscales include: protection against advanced phishing threats, fast onboarding, reduced workload on the security team, integrated security awareness training and phishing simulations, and a smart mobile app so that you can make decisions on the go.

To watch the webinar for yourself, and listen in on the live Q&A with each of the new partners, check out the full event below:

Stay tuned for more integrations (and deeper one as well!), coming soon to an Atera portal near you!

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