This week, we got a chance to get to know our brand-new Atera add-on, Malwarebytes!

For this live and exclusive webinar, we were joined by Ayoub Jaaouni, Solutions Engineer at Malwarebytes, as well as our own Alan Lipchin, Customer Success Team Lead at Atera to discuss the full lowdown on the new integration. If you missed the webinar, you can watch it again right here, or keep reading for the choicest highlights of the event!


“Everyone has the right to a malware-free existence”


Wise words from Ayoub! We kicked off the webinar by asking the Atera crowd how they provide that right to the end-users, asking How do you communicate the importance of malware protection to your customers? Answers varied between bundling security services in with a monthly charge, or speaking to customers about their best options for their environments in context.


Ayoub introduced Malwarebytes, a company with 14 years of industry experience. The company is a seriously trusted name in the cybersecurity market, with many impressive accolades under its belt, and proven experience in the field. In fact, over COVID-19, there were 8 billion remediations happening in a single month!


OneView cloud works on a single, multi-tenant console allowing you to manage multiple customer or corporate environments from one platform. There are three parts to the Malwarebytes OneView solution:


  • Incident response: Remediating and cleaning endpoints when an infection has been found.
  • Endpoint protection: An Antivirus, offering real-time protection to protect endpoints from the cloud.
  • Endpoint protection and response (EDR): EDR helps you recover from a breach and get files back if the worst happens.


On top of these core products, there are additional cloud services provided, threat intelligence, goodware, and sandbox. To manage it all with dashboards, visualization and reporting – Malwarebytes offers a single pane of glass management console.


You don’t need to be a cybersecurity expert to manage this product! It’s user friendly by design, made so that anyone can access cybersecurity. You can deploy this directly from the Atera console, with one agent to win all!


The capabilities for MSPs


One interface to push actions and check the health of multiple environments is a seriously valuable approach for MSPs who may have dozens of customers around the world. Ayoub showed us the dashboard, which includes interactive links that open more details about each endpoint and robust metrics which allow you to view endpoint activity and license usage. This can’t help but save you a whole lot of valuable time with remote monitoring and maintenance. You can set smart user access to allow different technicians to manage different clients, and track their activities in granular detail within the console.


You can also set global policies, exclusions and commands which will work across multiple customers at the same time. Push and update a single policy across multiple sites at the click of a button, establishing strong security settings which meet your requirements as a service provider, even for brand-new customers or sites. Client endpoint administration is combined into a single interface, allowing MSPs to use filters and groups to see exactly the endpoints they want to work on (including any open notifications on these endpoints), streamlining both management and control.


Another important part of Malwarebytes is subscription management. Customers get a general overview of all subscriptions so you can track expirations, and upgrade or downgrade licenses at any time. This visibility helps you with invoicing and billing, too!


We love how Ayoub explained the benefits of the Tier 2 support offered with Malwarebytes OneView. You can get faster support and resolution from the support team, including sending screenshots and comments with ease.


Finally, reporting is a core functionality of the Malwarebytes platform, allowing MSPs to view security summaries, usage reports and contract reports, and then export and share those with customers to show value and provide transparency into the work you’re doing, or with colleagues to improve the service you offer.


Malwarebytes OneView and Atera


So, how can you leverage the benefits of this partnership?


There is so much opportunity within the OneView platform! Think about the upsell value of selling Malwarebytes functionality to your customers, ensuring devices are protected and secure. On the back-end, Malwarebytes can be deployed directly through Atera, and you’ll also benefit from detailed reporting and unified billing. Alan walked the audience through a demo of how Atera and Malwarebytes work together, as perfect a couple as pie and whipped cream!


The full webinar recording includes not one but TWO demos, one of Malwarebytes and another of the Malwarebytes and Atera integration, as well as a live Q&A with the Atera community. Be sure to listen in right here!


And remember, Malwarebytes is just one of many exciting new integrations and add-ons coming your way, and set to supercharge your business growth. Watch this space!

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