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Today’s Managed Service Providers are in high demand. There are only so many hours in a day, and you’ve got to make sure that you’re getting the most value out of them, or you’re going to see a toll on your work/life balance. Here our Atera’s top tips for maximizing your time and ensuring that you can grow your business effectively by doing more with the hours that you have.

Anyone left on break/fix? move them over ASAP

Without being able to plan ahead, you’re never going to get stability and consistency in your business model. Break/fix clients are unpredictable, you never know whether you’re going to have a lot or a little work from them in the month ahead, and their IT and software hygiene is not under your control.

In contrast, managed services are great for your business strategy, allowing you to see at a glance exactly the money you have coming in from month to month, and then plan for upsell opportunities while guaranteeing your own bottom line. It’s not just you who benefits, a managed service model is also much better for the customer. Check out our article on the topic if you think you’re going to need to convince certain clients to get them to make the change.

Move out of crisis mode

Remote management and monitoring (RMM) are one of the keys to using your time to its full potential. Without insight into your customer’s IT systems, you have no way to gauge what could be the next problem to fix, which pushes you into crisis mode. Once something breaks it can be more expensive or time-consuming to fix or leave you dropping everything to make time for an annoyed customer who is disturbed by the disruption to business as usual.

Real-time monitoring and alerts can be set up through an intelligent RMM so that you’re always one step ahead of the game, acting proactively rather than reactively to solve problems for your customers before these issues are causing challenges in their own organizational environment. You can schedule these fixes in your own time, where it makes the most sense for your business, and when maintenance is both cost-effective and good use of resources. Join our upcoming webinar to see how an RMM works in practice.

Use AI to build your to-do list for you

It’s time to start thinking of Artificial Intelligence more tangibly, as an incredibly productive member of staff who can be in limitless places at once, checking to see what needs to be done under the hood and behind the scenes. You’ve just described Atera’s Network Discovery Opportunities.

Using data science, this Network Discovery tool can search a whole IT ecosystem in real-time and come back with an actionable list of requirements that need attention, or that could be upsold for business impact. The tool will tell you what needs doing, how much value it will bring your business, and even separates items into action points that you can discuss with every client individually. There’s nothing else like it in the MSP world.

With this technology, you’re no longer using your time to lay the foundation so to speak, eliminating much of the research side and preliminary investment into new MSP opportunities for your business. It’s your new best friend, a tool that shows you how to make more money and ties up a neat package for you to present to your customers.

Atera brings it all together

Wouldn’t you like to make more money by working smarter not harder? Let’s recap the top three ways you can leverage Atera to make more from your existing client relationships and give you the time you need to focus on growing your own business.

  • Say goodbye to break/fix. If you aren’t using a purely managed service model, you need to get on that, fast. The pay-per-technician Atera pricing model makes it as easy as it gets.
  • Utilize an RMM to get out of crisis mode. Monitoring and alerts can allow you full control of your client system, even remotely, ensuring you’re two steps ahead.
  • Leverage AI, your new favorite employee. Network Discovery Opportunities work for you behind the scenes, preparing the pitch for you to take smart upsells to your customers.

Want a demo of Network Discovery to see how simple it is to do more with your time? We’ll do one better, sign up for a 30-day free trial.

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