What’s new in Atera? Glad you asked! Isaac rocked the October installment of our Latest Release webinar, where he talked us through the most recent additions and improvements to the Atera platform. Here’s what you missed!


Updates to the Mobile App


If you aren’t using our mobile app, you’re missing out! It’s available on the iOS and Android stores and can be downloaded in just a few clicks.


From the app, you’re now able to create tickets on the go. Just head to the tickets section, and spot the new + sign. Assign a name, and include all the functionality you enjoy on the web app. Coming soon on the Atera mobile app are a smart ticket timer, the ability to add attachments and images to your tickets, and ticket numbers, too. These are all community-driven features that have come through our features board and we know you’re all really excited about! Stay tuned for those updates which are currently under development.


Changes to the Web App


Installing an agent is our bread and butter, and it just got a whole lot easier. Isaac showed us how you can select Windows, select your customer, and when you install the command prompt, it will download and install the agent automatically. On top of that, the customer’s name is now added to the URL, for ease of use and efficiency.


We’ve also cleaned up the threshold profiles. When you go to add an item, you’ll see presets and customized thresholds. We’ll be adding many more presets soon, but currently, you can receive alerts for when the software is installed or uninstalled on an agent. Pretty cool!


Talking about cool new features, this one has been highly requested, so we know it’s going to excite a lot of you. Filtering devices by operating systems! Just head to devices, click on ‘advanced’, and click ‘add condition’. You’ll be able to filter by a whole list of parameters. If you enjoy the ease of use of the devices page, you’ll be delighted to hear that it’s all now available from the customer page, too. Additional functionality allows you to activate chat, work from home, and download the agent installer directly. We’ve also added an import customer button. It’s really all about efficiency, both trying to make the platform more accessible and easier to use.


Let’s talk Tickets!


This update has been a long time coming… scheduled tickets are here! Creating a scheduled ticket is very simple. Click on ‘new ticket’, (and here you’ll see that we’ve added the ability to select your customer from a drop-down list) fill out the details of the ticket, and then click ‘schedule ticket’. You can now create recurring tickets by selecting whether it’s daily, weekly monthly, or custom, and create the exact customization you need for the task. Originally, our scheduled tickets weren’t editable, but now you can update, change, or delete, whatever you need. You’ll find your scheduled tickets in the draft queue. When these get sent, they will move from drafts to the regular tickets frame.


Other updates to tickets include the ability to see the CC field, so you can keep a note of all parties involved in correspondence, and the ability to filter tickets by creation date. You’ll also get more control over whether your conversations are open or collapsed – whichever viewing style you choose will be the default view for your next login.


Patch Management and IT Automation


Anyone else finds Windows 10 a bit of a burden? Traditionally, updating this has been done by scripts, but now it’s a simple checkbox item in the IT Automation profiles.


Talking about IT Automation profiles, if you aren’t using our Chocolatey and Homebrew integrations for third-party app installation, you should be! We’ve just made this process even easier by releasing software bundles. These are found under admin and can be built per customer, edited, and assigned however you choose. Watch this space because in the next sprint on November 8th, these software bundles will be added to IT Automation profiles – making it even easier when setting up new devices.


Billing and Reporting


Have you seen our new ad-hoc invoicing functionality? We’re continuing to improve this feature, most recently by adding your logo to the invoice itself, and allowing you to email it directly to the customer, as well as download as a PDF. We’ve had a great quarter for accounting integrations. If you missed our webinar on billing using QuickBooks Online and Xero.


We’ve also updated a few reporting features. Create a report for your customers, and their logo and name will now appear on the report, helping you add a bit more of a personal touch. Your software inventory report can now be exported including a list of the devices or specific software types, and the option to see those devices exportable via either Excel or PDF. We know many of you are waiting for the report on each individual device – it’s coming soon!


The Big Release!


We’re so excited to be launching our integration with Bitdefender, which can be found under add-ons, and Antivirus. If you haven’t been using it yet, now’s the time to sign up! You get a 30-day free trial, including Content Control, Web Filtration, Device Control, and more. In our coming sprint, we’ll be including Bitdefender alerts, which will be displayed directly in the Atera console, and also adding more access to new Bitdefender services. These include full disk encryption, security for virtual environments, advanced hosted email security and threat security, plus endpoint detection and response. For those that are interested in migrating from an existing customer account with Bitdefender, you’ll be glad to hear it’s about to get even easier.


Don’t Forget to Reach Out if You Need Us!


If you have any questions about these updates, or anything else, please do send an email to [email protected] or get in touch via the support link inside Atera. In fact, we’ve just added the support option to the login page, so that you don’t even need to sign in to reach out!


Until next time, Aterans!



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