For those of you who don’t know us, we are Gil Pekelman, Atera’s CEO, and Oshri Moyal, Atera’s CTO, and we co-founded Atera. We are very excited to share with you the thrilling news that Atera has secured $25 Million in Series A funding with K1 Capital. There’s a lot that we want to share with you in this post, starting with:




Atera started from scratch. Bootstrapping from day one, we created the first all-in-one, easy-to-use remote IT management platform, providing MSPs and IT professionals all over the world with the ability to monitor unlimited devices. We then went to market with a disruptive pricing model, putting our stake firmly in the ground and kick-starting business transformation for thousands of MSPs and IT professionals.


We cannot thank our loyal customers enough for the countless emails that come our way, telling us how Atera has impacted not only their business but their life. Atera is now one of the fastest-growing IT management platforms in the world, monitoring and managing over one million devices globally, and we’re just getting started. Our vision from day one has been to streamline and simplify your IT service and we will continue to innovate to support that vision.


Thanks to this funding, Atera will start a new phase of product innovation and global growth. Our goal is to assist more MSPs and IT professionals in tackling these challenges while simultaneously accelerating our product development. This new funding will increase our dedication to continuous research and development, and allow us to upgrade our platform to continue transforming the IT industry with revolutionary remote management technology.


We are proud to continue to help thousands of businesses navigate our new normal and with that, comes plans to expand our Customer Success department, which will continue to serve our fast-growing community with VIP support 24/7, 365. We’re here for you, and so you will be given the hands-down, greatest support in the industry, period.



Atera has already been growing at a rapid pace, and now we’re entering lightspeed, thanks to so many people. This is the perfect moment to extend our deepest appreciation to everyone who’s been part of the Atera journey:




  • Thank you for trusting Atera to run your IT service. We know how hard you work and how crucial every element of your service is. We’re making Atera even better so your work is even more streamlined, simplified, and appreciated by your clients.
  • Thank you for being part of our awesome community, sharing your challenges and wins with us at every step along the journey.
  • Thank you for your detailed feedback, which guides our innovation and prioritization at every release, month in and month out.
  • Thank you for appreciating and valuing our efforts as we work around the clock to improve and enhance Atera.
  • Thank you to the many people who over the years have been our supporters, our Brand Champions, and our friends. Relationships like these mean the world to us and we love you.
  • Thank you for your professionalism and care in how you work each and every day, ensuring that the service you provide is always best-in-class and performed with passion. This holds the whole Atera ecosystem together, and we’re so proud to call you our partners!




  • Thank you for providing our platform and customers with unparalleled value.
  • Thank you for trusting us to represent your brand, offering, and powerful services.
  • Thank you for being fantastic partners. We appreciate you and we are beyond grateful to have collaboratively helped thousands of MSPs and IT professionals enhance their services.




  • Thank you to our Angel investors and the Hebrew University for seeing the potential of Atera in our earliest days. You knew where we were headed and we’re forever grateful for your trust and relationship.
  • Thank you to K1 Capital. The future could not be brighter with such exceptionally awesome partners for the journey. We’re incredibly excited about what we’re going to create together, and we know that we’re going to help countless MSPs and IT professionals.




  • “You Deserve to Be Happy” was coined by one of our beloved employees. We couldn’t be more grateful for everyone on the team, for giving it your all every single day.
  • Thank you to the newest members of the happy Atera family and to the deeply valued members who were there many years ago in that small office, who built Atera to what it is today and what it’s going to be tomorrow.
  • Thank you for making Atera the happy, healthy, innovative, and FUN work environment it has become. You make it what it is and it is wonderful.
  • Thank you for working around the clock when needed and for making our ‘happy hours’ memories that we’re still laughing about.
  • Thank you for being curious, innovative, kind, thoughtful, and genuinely great human beings to share this enriching journey with.




Thank you for your patience, guidance, and trust. Thank you for believing in every one of us and for supporting this entire journey at every step along the way.


Looks Like We’re Just Getting Started!


The Atera journey has come a very long way, and yet, it’s just started. This new funding, in partnership with K1, means significant innovation for the entire IT industry. When we think about the technology we’re building for the entire IT community, we know that we’re poised at the start of something special.


Great things are going to happen that will transform the way that MSPs and IT professionals work, and we’re so excited to be at the forefront of the innovation, and beyond grateful to share this journey with you – thank you for everything.


We’re just getting started – see you in the next chapter.


Much love,

Gil, Oshri, and the Atera Team


P.S. Read more about our future plans and how this funding will fuel Atera’s growth and development, see our story on The Wall Street Journal.

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