Many businesses, from SMEs to enterprises, have embraced cloud computing and storage since its debut. They benefit from storing data and information on the cloud, but few consider the dangers and risks associated with this kind of storage. Online cloud storage services make it easy for unauthorised parties to access sensitive customer and business data. When this occurs, business owners and partners experience some level of stress.

This article will outline the main security risks to cloud storage that private and business organisations should be aware of and take precautions against. We’ll carefully offer advice on how you can secure protection as a bonus in this post.

Threat #1: Error in cloud configuration

A renowned chief IT consultant, David Horne, categorically stated that cloud misconfiguration is a top cloud storage security threat. If interpreted properly, it means most enterprises experience cloud misconfiguration in one form or the other. The cause of this is the non-adoption of standard policies or an attempt to personalise cloud settings through plug-ins that aren’t compatible. A good example is the misconfigured Amazon S3 bucket, where almost 1,200 GB of data and dozens of files were exposed.

Simple solutions to cloud configuration error

  • Conduct a thorough audit of your cloud assets constantly. This makes it simple to spot indicators of misconfiguration fast.
  • Train personnel on ethical cloud storage, technology expertise, and accepted usage guidelines.

Threat #2: weak access management/control

A cloud storage system with poor access control and management could cause unwanted access to highly-sensitive data, applications, and information. Most companies set up cloud storage without properly integrating access control flow or systems as part of their structure. Due to the surge in unethical hacking could serve as the foundation for a deliberate cloud storage assault (such as phishing for log-in credentials), which could result in resource loss for the target entity. Only those under a company’s database with proper authorisation should have access to data and information kept securely in the cloud.

Simple solutions to weak access management

  • Create a data access structure for all users on the cloud infrastructure, and utilise an essential monitoring tool to monitor any suspicious activity or log-in activities.
  • Use the Atera encryption protocol, which offers secure data separation for users and establishes access rights to just related information.
  • Use the Atera Login IP Ranges to set a log-in IP restriction. The cloud storage system will deny access to any user attempting to log in from an unknown IP address.

Threat #3: negligence of policies by cloud storage provider

The communication of updated policies with users is one area where cloud storage service providers excel. Most of the time, cloud users do not read or open policy documents. It can be intimidating for both new and seasoned users of cloud storage services to read through a policy statement. By doing this, customers would lose out on new features and other important details.
The upside is that you build trust in how the cloud storage system functions when you go through the multi-page policy document. Continuous disregard for cloud storage policies could leave you without the most recent information regarding their services, such as how long an account will remain active in the event of inactivity. Attackers targeting cloud services might use this flaw in some ways.

Simple solutions to negligence of Cloud storage policies

The best course of action is to continuously read the cloud storage service provider’s shared old and updated policies. Several helpful cues to look for in the policy are;

What third-party apps do they support?

What happens when your subscription expires?

How long does it take to deactivate your account upon request, and what happens to your data after deactivation?

Threat #4: data breach & data loss

Some businesses permit employees to use multiple personal accounts to access company data. It is possible to misuse this authorisation and extract sensitive data; in this scenario, the incident is referred to as a data leak. The loss of sensitive data is a serious hazard to cloud storage that a few corporate entities encounter.

Data loss and data breaches are unanticipated and challenging cloud security issues. If a hacker gains access to any user account that has visited a cloud system before, they can access the cloud storage. The hacker can forcefully extract data by tricking anyone with access into disclosing the log-in key to the company’s cloud network. A hacker may delete or erase data on the cloud, causing chaos.

Simple solutions to data breach & data loss

Teach your staff how to protect their personal and work devices to prevent data loss or leaks.

Schedule regular data and information backups (You can automate this process).

Installing a perimeter firewall will aid in blocking unauthorised protocols and provide alerts and reports to the cloud storage system’s super admin. (Atera can aid you in choosing this choice).

Additional login requirements beyond entering a password should be implemented—two-factor authentications in this case.

Conclusively, as storing images, audio files, documents, and reports on a computer gradually become more antiquated, businesses and even people are primarily considering cloud storage. That is storage space hosted on the server of third-party providers. While selecting a trustworthy cloud storage provider is essential, it’s also crucial to be aware of the potential threats described in this piece and take action to prevent them from happening to you or your business. Avoid a threat to your cloud space even before it is attempted by being proactive rather than waiting for it to affect your company.

Store securely!

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