For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Hila Naor, VP Product and Partnerships at Atera.


As most of you definitely do know, at Atera we’re all about listening to our community, and based on your extensive feedback, we recently made a decision that’s going to impact the way Aterans can see value with our third-party integrations. I wanted to share with you all our vision for making that happen.


It starts with a single step


We have collected a lot of feedback over the last few months, through face-to-face meetings, phone calls, surveys, UserVoice, our Facebook community, and more. The message has come through loud and clear — the Atera community wants more integrations, and a greater depth of integrations, too.

When we look into the future of Atera, our crystal ball shows us exactly that image — a comprehensive and in-depth platform of third-party integrations, all working natively within Atera to support your businesses in streamlining and optimizing the way that you work.


To make this happen, we’ve built a team for this express purpose, and we’re working hard on building the platform, the relationships, and everything else that goes into the vision. We’re excited to see the results start rolling out gradually over the coming months.


However, it doesn’t happen overnight, and we want to make sure that we also stay on top of optimizations, bug fixes, and ongoing support for the features we already offer. That’s why we’re starting off with phase one, which offers the Atera community three exciting new integrations!


Our new releases — the first of many


I am happy to introduce three new software integrations, helping the Atera community to broaden their feature set and expand their IT support offering to their own customers and colleagues.


This is just the start! We will be gradually adding new partners — keep your eyes peeled for a community-driven integration coming at the end of the month that has come straight from the UserVoice features board — as well as offering deeper integrations with existing partners, including the ability to deploy and install, which is next on our roadmap.


We’re reading your ideas, we love your feedback, and we’re working hard to put these into action.


Without further ado, meet:


Axcient, backup solution: Protect your customers and deliver airtight security with the most comprehensive, chain-free Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution for MSPs. Manage data protection and business continuity with x360Recover (D2C), protect files from data loss or ransomware with x360Sync, and get complete cloud to cloud backup for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace accounts with x360Cloud.


Emsisoft, endpoint protection: Emsisoft endpoint protection is a powerful cybersecurity solution that protects Windows devices from all types of viruses, ransomware, and other malware. Protect your customers from known and emerging threats with dual-engine scanning, behavioral analysis, anti-ransomware technologies, and endpoint detection and response (EDR).


Ironscales, advanced email protection: Ironscales is an AI-driven, anti-phishing email security platform that continuously detects and resolves threats in your customers’ mailboxes. Neutralize zero-day malware attacks, block phishing attempts, put an end to credential theft, and gain peace of mind with Atera and Ironscales.



Keep an eye on your inbox to take advantage of the chance to meet representatives from all three of our new partners in our exclusive upcoming webinar, and hear more about how you can use these integrations to improve your IT business.


I am truly excited to show you what’s coming next, and to share more robust and in-built integrations with the whole Atera community.


Any questions? We’re here for you! Reach out here: [email protected]

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