Choosing the right partners to enable the transition from a break-fix model to an MSP is important. It is equally important to leverage the right SaaS provider to help manage the business once the transition is in motion. This requires MSPs to have the right strategy in place.

When creating a strategy, it is critical to ask the right questions. For example, what type of user experience do I want to provide, and what do I need to accomplish that? What is my budget, and how much time am I willing to invest? Finally, will my partners be able to prepare me for the wave of the future?

As CEO of Atera, we built our technology to help MSPs prepare for the future and to improve the overall quality of SMB networks. In order to bring our vision to life, we developed a platform that combines RMM, PSA and Remote connections into one powerful solution. Our platform provides a simple user experience, it is built on IoT infrastructure, and it is scalable. The best part is its affordability. With no hidden fees and the flexibility MSPs need to run their businesses, Atera charges a low monthly fee per technician, including unlimited devices and agents.


With Atera, MSPs can have their cake and eat it too. Atera is a trusted provider that brings your entire IT business together with less hassle, more control, and an MSP strategy that actually works. Don’t just take our word for it. Scott Kuhn, owner of Tacoma, Wash.-based IT Service Works and an Atera partner, was quoted in CRN saying the reason he switched to Atera was the “unique setup and pricing model.” He believes the pricing model will attract many more MSPs to Atera, and we agree.

Recently, we announced the release of Business Intelligence (BI) data through the Benchmark. We created this feature because we knew the data we were collecting anonymously from hundreds of participating Atera customers would help MSPs build deeper relationships with their customers, improve operational efficiencies and drive business. Built on PowerBI, Microsoft’s data visualization tool, the Benchmark helps MSPs evaluate performance and better understand how they measure up against their competition.

So how does the Benchmark help MSPs? For Parker Ledbetter, President at Computer Geeks and an Atera partner, the Benchmark “acts as a compass to help guide my business. This new valuable tool is clear evidence that Atera is not only a SaaS provider, but a true partner seeking to enable the success of our company.”

We are truly excited to help MSPs set up their businesses for success today and into the future. Each day, we are listening to our partners and improving our software based on their direct feedback because it is our goal to provide the best platform in the business. To learn more about Atera, or for a 30-day free trial, please visit


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