Our Spotlight on Partners series is shaping up to be one of our most successful regular events!


This time, we were joined by Craig Sharp, managing Director of Abussi Ltd, and JB Fowler, CPO of Atera’s network monitoring integration partner, Domotz. If you missed the webinar because you were watching the World Cup ⚽, don’t worry, we’ll let you have another chance right here, and you can keep reading for our highlights.


This webinar was overflowing with value! Don’t forget to listen to the whole webinar to learn:


    • Tactics for keeping customers delighted and devoted to your service by providing rapid solutions to any problem.


    • Ways to enhance customer retention by asking the right questions, building relationships, and investing in the right tools.


  • How earning more money and saving hours in the day is all possible with network monitoring as your tool of choice.


Interested in attending the webinar for yourself, hearing the live Q&A, and filling in any blanks?



Understanding Domotz network monitoring


JB introduced our audience to how Domotz works. As a service provider or integrator, network monitoring can help you understand what’s on the network and how it’s working. The first thing Domotz does is scan the network and discover all assets, plus classify all these devices, giving information like make and model.


Once you understand what’s on the network, including routers, switches, access points, firewalls, and more, you can start to set policies. If anything changes away from a baseline, you can set alerts for that. You may have agents on endpoints such as PCs and laptops, but what about other infrastructures, such as IoT, security cameras, smart devices, wearables, or other hardware? You need to be on top of those too, allowing you to update firmware for example or spot signs of a cyberattack or vulnerability.


Domotz allows you to be really proactive about your monitoring, and ensure you don’t have any gaps in your visibility and control.

How can Domotz increase profitability?



Craig jumped in to discuss how to benefit from Domotz, either using it as a SaaS product, on a specific device, or via the Domotz box. The benefit of the box is that you can’t lose any network data if there’s a problem with the network or the device itself.


It’s also portable, so you can use the Domotz box pre-client deployment in an assessment capacity, and then move it as necessary. Craig even said it never fails!


The benefits of network monitoring include:


      • Awareness of what’s happening on the network: Use network monitoring during assessment or review, to give customers more insight into their real-world situation. List devices, details about all assets, and have all of that data to hand automatically. A topography map may uncover connections and assets you don’t even know are there.


    • Remotely manage tools more efficiently: Provide fast and accurate assessment and diagnostics, often before the customer ever notices a problem. Decide which devices are key to continuity, to get alerts and notifications in a business context. When a customer does reach out with a challenge, you can slash time to resolution with quick mitigation.


    • Visualize a whole IT infrastructure: A single Domotz agent can manage multiple sites, giving you all the insight you need into a complex IT infrastructure. If your MSP model is priced by how many assets you’re monitoring, you can be sure everything is considered, so that you’re pricing accurately for your services, and not leaving money on the table.


    • Open conversations for upsell and cross-sell opportunities: Whether it’s prospecting, technology business reviews, or new upselling conversations, having full visibility over the network gives accurate data that makes adding direct revenues that much easier. Provide the data that speaks for you, so that sales conversations are oh so much smoother.


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Using network monitoring across the customer journey


Craig described how network monitoring can make all the difference at different stages across the customer journey. At Abussi, he uses the Domotz box to take network monitoring to an initial assessment, to make an accurate quote that encompasses all devices on the network, to onboard securely and successfully, and to make smart upsell propositions as new devices join the network. At each and every Technology Business Review, the data is to hand to properly analyze the customers’ needs and real-time network situation.


Let’s allow Craig to say it best. “I know that the selling process isn’t a default setting for many people in the IT business. But I don’t think of myself as selling or upselling. What I do is I use data and information to give an accurate perspective of how a client’s network or IT services are doing and find areas where they can be improved. You can describe that as upselling, but if you look at it as a technical analysis with some data attached, and not as a selling process, you can feel more comfortable if selling doesn’t come naturally. Domotz is one of the tools we use to do this.”


Remember, while selling might feel pushy, or like trying to give the customer something they don’t need, providing a technical analysis and filling the gaps for them is a service that is vital to their business continuity and security, and one that they are expecting from you! We love how JB talked about building a strategic relationship where you help the customer ensure their business remains successful. “If new devices are being deployed on the network which are mission critical and you should be monitoring, this is a chance for you to add value and improve your strategic relationship.”


Craig brought it home, reminding us that we don’t want to just be service providers, we want to be trusted advisors, so that over time, the customers start to trust and then rely on your advice and support.

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