“Asset management” can sound like a vague term — one of those business buzzwords like “synergy,” “circle back,” or “needle mover” — that no one actually understands. But for IT departments, asset management software is a must.

We recognize the immense scope and value of the work that IT departments do, and we know it’s important to make sure that your company leadership continues to see your value too. IT professionals are the unseen heroes behind every business, keeping everything running and operating smoothly behind the scenes.

So how can you make sure that your IT department shines? Asset management software for IT departments allows you to gain a full view of all the technology under your purview and keep records of both physical and intangible assets. We’ll go through what asset management is, what it can provide, and why you need it.

What is asset management software?

Otherwise known as inventory management software for IT departments, asset management software is a system that centralizes the organization and control of your company’s assets. It’s beneficial to businesses of varying sizes since it gives you a single pane of glass to look into all of their assets.

You’ll be able to collect all your important data in one place — including asset owners and tasks; information about licenses, contracts, and software; and documentation regarding machines, servers, and hardware.

In a nutshell, asset management software can give you more control over your IT environment. Its benefits include advantages in cost savings, compliance with regulatory requirements, security, organization, and productivity. It can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle – all of which you can channel back into your business.

For internal IT departments in particular, inventory management software can streamline your workday and make your job a lot easier. Let’s take a look at some of the most important benefits it can provide for you.

Why you need asset management software for your IT department

#1: Scale your ticketing system with your company

As an in-house IT department, your responsibilities will grow as your company does. And as your company expands, whether it’s hiring more people or offering more services, a manual ticketing system can quickly get out of hand, and issues can slip through the cracks.

Don’t fall victim to the frustrations and inefficiencies of an old system that leaves you and your clients hanging. A strong ticketing system can add a ton of value to an IT department. Atera’s system allows for tickets to be generated across multiple platforms, but it collects them all in one place for you to delegate, organize, and address.

Additionally, a comprehensive ticketing system like Atera’s gives insight into not only current issues but also historical ones, allowing your team to make more informed decisions when they’re addressing problems that come up.

#2: Protect yourself and your company

Regardless of the size of your business, cybersecurity is essential. And with new laws like the Strengthening Cybersecurity Act of 2022, it’s become clear that IT departments are responsible for implementing proactive cybersecurity measures.

Atera partners with a variety of experts in the security space so that its asset management software for IT departments can help you ensure that your company is safe from any number of online threats — whether it’s ransomware, spyware, keylogging, email security, or anything else on your mind. With advanced security measures, you can sleep better at night.

#3: Save time with remote monitoring and management (RMM)

Remote monitoring and management software, or RMM, allows IT providers to remotely monitor, analyze, and access devices, infrastructure, and systems under their purview from anywhere in the world.

An effective RMM can save your IT department both time and money by alerting you to system failures or potential crises before they damage the business — rather than waiting for an untrained eye outside of your department to notice that something’s gone wrong.

With the automation that RMM solutions can offer, you’ll get real-time monitoring and alerts, IT automation and scripting, patch management functions, and crucial reporting and analytics. By turning over some of your manual work to RMM, you’ll be able to free yourself up to troubleshoot more complex challenges, work more strategically, or engage in team education and development.

In other words, RMM solutions allow you to make your IT department the best (and most efficient) it can be by focusing your team’s energy where it really counts. A strong RMM automates most of the monitoring and management tasks typical of an IT department, making it a crucial component of any asset management package.

#4: Work from anywhere with remote access and support

In today’s digital world, competitive asset management software for IT departments must provide remote access functionality. Even when employees are working from home, there are important IT tasks to complete, meaning that your department needs an enhanced level of remote access like it never has before.

For instance, you may need to install software bundles when new employees are hired or when you’re onboarding new machines. Tools like Atera’s allow you to perform these tasks without hiccups no matter where an employee is working from, eliminating one of the biggest challenges that have arisen in the past few years.

Why Atera is the asset management software that’s right for your IT department

We know that IT professionals are so much more than just the office’s Mr. Fix-Its. At Atera, we believe that internal IT departments need best-in-class processes and frameworks to make their teams as efficient and productive as they can be.

As some companies look to outsource IT services, make sure that your department is remaining competitive. With our automation, AI, and top-tier products and features, you can focus your attention on the most meaningful work: innovation, creativity, and complex problem-solving. Let us take care of the small stuff.

Using asset management software for IT departments will help to streamline processes and makes everyday life easier. At Atera, we believe it’s an essential component of every IT department’s budget.

Our comprehensive asset management software, complete with a best-in-class ticketing system, strong security partnerships, and top-tier RMM, will allow your department to be the best it can be.

Internal IT departments provide the unique benefit of having employees who understand the specific needs of the organization. Asset management software enables those employees to spend their time and energy where it really counts, making the most of their knowledge and expertise.

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