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What is the state of AI in the IT industry?

The stats on AI tell the story.

As AI proliferates across all industries, there are big and small shifts in every aspect of business operations. 

Surveys show that a significant number of businesses have already adopted AI in their IT support desks, customer service desks, IT development, and other functions. Those that haven’t, are planning to or aspire to. The generative AI stats show that people are exposed to these tools not just in the workplace but outside of work too, and over 20% use them regularly. 

This is a key element to the story that the stats about AI tell below – AI is permeating every aspect of life and changing the way we work, think and function. For IT professionals, there is a discernible shift in mindset that comes together with the shift in work methods. And the proof is in the results: according to GitHub, Atera and others, AI is drastically reducing the time and cost of IT ticket resolution, and paving the way for increased productivity in helpdesk support and beyond.

Take a look at our roundup of the most compelling AI stats for 2024 across the IT landscape, from AI helpdesks, to AIOps, AI cybersecurity, AI in the workplace and more:

AI stats 2024

  1. The global AI market is forecast to increase from $241.8 billion in 2023 to nearly $740 billion in 2030, representing a 17.3% compound annual growth rate. Statista
  2. Across all industries, it is estimated that generative AI could generate a potential value of $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion. McKinsey
  3. Spending on data center systems was forecast at $217 billion worldwide in 2023. Statista
  4. Companies classified as “AI high performers” are most likely to have adopted AI in four or more business functions. They are also 5X more likely to have spent over 20% of their digital budgets on artificial intelligence tools or practices. McKinsey
  5. Nearly a third of all major businesses worldwide have implemented AI in their customer service technology stack. TCS
  6. Global spending on IT products and services for AI-centric systems is expected to increase by 26.5% between 2022 and 2026, to over $300 billion. IDC
  7. In the IT/cybersecurity industry, 46% of surveyed businesses are leveraging generative AI in a limited or at-scale implementation. Deloitte 
  8. Automation and generative AI are regarded as the most relevant investment for business growth by 39% of companies. For 33%, flexible and hybrid work is the most important. Dell/IDC
  9. Among “AI high performer” companies, 25% say their complete system is equipped with an AI monitoring and alerting system, compared to 12% of other companies. McKinsey

Generative AI stats

  1. From March to May 2023, the Claude generative AI chat tool had increased its processing capability by 10X, from 9,000 tokens of text to 100,000, or around 75,000 words per minute. McKinsey 
  2. 90% of service providers say that generative AI is essential to achieving their business goals. However, just 22% of customer service providers have already adopted genAI. Amdocs
  3. 84% of organizations in the CSP Data, AI, and IT sectors say they face significant challenges in obtaining the necessary capabilities to effectively deploy genAI. Amdocs
  4. Technology companies will see the highest impact from generative AI among all industries, with an equivalent added value of up to 9% of global industry revenue. McKinsey

AIOps stats

  1. In 2016, the term “AIOps” was created by Gartner. Splunk
  2. By 2032, the AIOps platform market is estimated to reach just over $80 billion, with a CAGR of just over 25% from 2022 to 2023. Future Market Insights
  3. IT/technology departments are the biggest adopters of AIOps, with 47% reporting that they use AI, followed by R&D (36%) and customer service (24%) Mordor Intelligence
  4. Europe currently has the largest share in the AIOps market, while Asia-Pacific is forecast as the fastest-growing region, with the highest estimated CAGR of AIOps expected from 2024 to 2029. Mordor Intelligence
  5. Among IT organizations that have implemented AIOps and a proactive approach to monitoring report a 15-45% reduction in high priority incidents, 70-90% reduction in incident investigation time, and a 10-15% faster time to market for new applications. Splunk

AI IT helpdesk stats

  1. By 2027, IT helpdesk automation is forecast to have a market value of nearly $22 billion. Business Wire
  2. The average cost of an IT service desk call is between $20 to $100. Manual password resets account for 22% of service desk calls, at a cost of $22 each. Automation reduces the cost of password reset calls by around $1 million a year. BMC
  3. Generative AI is making developers 55% more productive. AI ticketing solves 30% of tickets at the outset, and gives back over 70,000 hours of productivity back to employees and agents. GitHub
  4. When tech support agents use AI tools for conversational scripts, productivity (number of issues resolver per hour) increases by an average of 14%. Stanford/MIT
  5. AI is capable of reducing the IT helpdesk average response time from the industry benchmark of 7 hours and 4 minutes to just 3 seconds. Atera

AI cybersecurity stats

  • Companies that integrate generative AI with security behavior and culture programs in their platforms can expect to see a reduction of 40% of cybersecurity incidents originating from employees by 2026. Gartner
  • 46% of business and cyber professionals say that their biggest concern about the impact of generative AI on cybersecurity is the increased capabilities in phishing, malware and deepfakes. Statista
  • Using AI and automation helped organizations reduce the costs of data breaches by $1.8 million and increased the speed of identification and containment of data breaches by an average of more than 100 days. IBM
  • Less than a third (28%) of organizations are extensively using AI cybersecurity measures. IBM
  • At least 3 data breaches will be attributed to AI generated code in 2024. Forrester
  • Professionals in the cybersecurity space say they waste almost a third of their workday dealing with threats that are identified as false positives. 80% say that manually investigating threats slows down their workday, and nearly 40% say it slows them down a lot. IBM
  • IBM’s AI-driven QRadar Cyber Assistant has been noted to reduce the number of false positives in cyber threats by an average of 90%, corresponding to a reduction in analyst worktime valued at $2.8 million. IBM

AI in the workplace stats

  • 57% of IT decision makers think that generative AI is a gamechanger, and 33% said it was their top priority. Salesforce.
  • 79% of business and technology leaders think that generative AI will substantially transform their business and industry within the next three years. And 27% predict a significant boost in productivity. Deloitte 
  • Out of the surveyed professionals, 79% report having had some level of exposure to Gen AI, whether in their professional or nonprofessional lives, with 22% percent indicating regular usage in their job tasks. McKinsey
  • In 2023, enterprise organizations have adopted an average of 371 SaaS apps, spending $9.6K per employee. Less than 50% of SaaS licenses were in use during an average 90-day period. Productiv
  • Among Forbes Global 2000 companies, 40% of current positions and job titles will be changed or eliminated by 2027 due to AI. Dell/IDC
  • By 2026, enterprises will increase productivity to the value of $1 trillion by leveraging  personalized development of technology skills among their workforces. Dell/IDC
  • Just 9% of IT leaders have a crystallized AI vision. Gartner

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