Remote Access is a huge part of being an IT service provider. It may have been put under the spotlight due to the work-from-home realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the truth is – it’s nothing new for us MSPs. Whether it’s for troubleshooting, file transfers, patching, updates, or any other use case you can think of, remote access is a staple on the IT technicians’ tool belt.

With a robust remote access tool, you can limit the amount of time you have to spend heading on-site to visit clients, and offer a better, more immediate hands-on service without adding hours to the time it takes to provide that best-in-class support.
So that’s why we’re so delighted to have onboarded a partnership with AnyDesk! Here’s the lowdown on the new integration, available for Growth and Power customers of Atera.


Tell Us About AnyDesk!


AnyDesk is a robust remote access solution, suitable for the cloud or on-premises, and available for all platforms and all devices. They have racked up a sensational 300 million downloads worldwide, and host more than 400 million sessions each month, bridging 42 million miles for their customers.

Founded in 2014, they’re a great culture fit for Atera, with fast-paced growth, innovative ideas and technology, and a big vision! AnyDesk’s remote access solution is based on a proprietary codec that allows them to be virtually latency-free around the world, known as DeskRT.


What Features are Included with AnyDesk?


Atera is on AnyDesk’s Growth & Power Plan, offering our customers the fastest possible remote access, and a feature-set that’s ideal for organizations large and small, including enterprises. We’ll be rolling out more features over time, but we’re hitting the ground running with:


Remote Connect: Windows devices will be able to remote connect with one another from anywhere in the world, whether that’s down the hall, or in another country, as well as mobile to PC remote control.


Unattended Sessions: Access the machines even when the customer is not currently sitting in front of their screen, allowing you to perform fixes during off-hours, including functionality to log all sessions.


Unlimited Sessions and Endpoints: Allow your technicians to open as many sessions as they need, to a single device or to multiple devices, to provide the best possible level of support.


Multiple Technician Access: Need to escalate an issue? No problem. As many technicians as you need can remotely access the same device, and can even create custom aliases that work for them.


Screen Recordings: From AnyDesk, you can easily record the remotely accessed screen, including capturing stills and video of anything you need to know, for example, to send to a ticket or report.


On-screen Whiteboard Features: Mark up the screen with notes, highlight key areas to other technicians, or add comments that will be visible to you and your customer, great for collaboration and control.


Chat and File Transfer: Talk to your customers about open issues, allowing you to communicate directly from the remote-access session, saving the need to pick up the phone and talk alongside, or transfer files separately.


The full feature list can be found here.


Ready to Get Started with AnyDesk?


No prior relationship with AnyDesk is needed to start taking advantage of Atera’s integration. If you’re a Growth or Power user, you can immediately connect to your customer’s Windows devices. For more information on setting up AnyDesk, initiating a remote connection, and more, check out the full knowledgebase article, right here.


If you have any other questions about remote access – or anything else at all, reach out, we’re always happy to hear from you!

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