Dear Aterans,

We would like to begin by addressing the concerns some of you might have after reading the recently published articles describing a hypothetical method of bypassing Microsoft’s digital signature check, as used by the criminal hackers, Malsmoke.

The aforementioned article explains that any RMM or remote connection software (including Atera, Anydesk, Splashtop and the like) could be used to maintain a persistent connection to an unsecured network (for illegitimate purposes).

The existence of this method has nothing to do with Atera as a company, its product, or its customers. This article DOES NOT mention any reference to Atera being hacked. 

Atera’s platform is trusted by many. It is a legitimate platform that takes security seriously. 

Atera has not been compromised and our customers remain unaffected. 

It is important to note that Atera has already updated several security platforms and monitoring solutions to detect the vulnerability that is described in this article. 

Additionally, Atera is aware of ongoing security threats in the IT industry and are continuously monitoring and dealing with new threats as they are discovered.

Q&A with Atera’s CISO, Oren Elimelech

Has Atera been breached?

No. Atera was not compromised in the described attack.

Is Atera’s data compromised? Is my data compromised?

No. Atera’s data was not compromised, nor was it breached (exposed). 

Does installing an Atera agent provide access to my network?

No. The recent articles describe how criminal hackers could use any RMM tool to access unsecure and unprotected networks and that has nothing to do with Atera.

Is Atera tracking abusive trial accounts?

Yes. Atera is actively monitoring its trials and accounts on a regular basis with several security layers in place to detect spoofed and disposable email addresses from initiating trials, and continuously scanning all accounts for abusive activity. Atera has additional safeguards and countermeasures in place to disable and block suspicious trials and accounts. 

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected]. We will be happy to answer any and all questions.

Thank you, 

Atera Information Security Team

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