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Online forums are a great place to chat with other IT professionals about trending topics, issues, and even troubleshooting. 

As anyone in the IT field knows all too well, positive outcomes are much more likely when we’re collaborating with a strong team. And sometimes, that team reaches beyond the bounds of the coworkers in your immediate office space. 

If you are looking to join some of the best IT communities and forums out there and build strong relationships with other creative, innovative minds in the IT space, you’re in the right place. 

And the best part? We did the research for you! Here are our top picks for IT communities and forums in 2024!

Top IT communities and forums

Explore this list to discover the best of the best in the world of IT forums and communities. 

Do you agree with this list? Let us know! 

#1: Atera’s IT Community

Atera’s IT Community brings together the top minds in the IT space. Members get expert support from peers, near-instant answers from Atera’s team, crowdsource best practices and inspiration, network with others, and get rewarded for top-notch participation. 

Atera users receive free access to the community, which is highly active and has been lauded by community members for its combination of high-level discussions and just-for-fun threads. 

For instance, check out this popular thread where users post IT memes to brighten each other’s days. But don’t worry – there are plenty of serious conversations, too. For instance, this thread began with a user looking for suggestions regarding Windows 11 assessment scan tools. 

A number of users chimed in to find the OP an effective solution. Interested in joining the Atera community? Sign up right here. 

#2: TechRepublic Forums

A community of IT experts, TechRepublic offers a free membership that allows users to get advice, share knowledge, brainstorm, and even simply chat with fellow IT professionals. 

A place for camaraderie as well as troubleshooting, TechRepublic offers forums on numerous different topics, so you are sure to receive a breadth of answers and find targeted topics fast. Explore the forums right here.

#3: r/sysadmin

The great thing about working in IT? The internet is your forum! While there are numerous more formal IT communities available, Reddit also offers some excellent spaces where like-minded professionals go to shoot the breeze, problem-solve, and support one another. For instance, the Reddit forum r/sysadmin has over 800,000 members and robust discussions

#4: Tech Support Forum

An online space dedicated to IT experts and enthusiasts, topics on Tech Support range from deep dives into recent articles to cybersecurity and hardware or software challenges for many different operating systems. It’s a great place to connect with other IT pros as well as to share your knowledge and help others address their queries. Check out Tech Support here. 

#5: TechExams by Infosec

This popular forum is targeted at IT and cybersecurity professionals, and is part of Infosec – meaning that you will also see conversations about IT security certifications

Many conversations are about security certification preparation to help IT professionals like you succeed in obtaining these important certificates. Topics include pentesting, incident response, IT jobs, and more. Check out TechExams here.

#6: MalwareTips

With over 60,000 registered members, this forum is focused on the latest news in the field of IT security. You’re sure to find down-to-the-minute information about data breaches as well as conversations and tips regarding digital security and privacy. 

There are also many threads about security software and vulnerability management. If you are interested in staying up to date on the latest topics and trends in IT security, check out MalwareTips here. 

#7: Antionline Forums

The tagline for Antionline, “maximum security for a connected world,” says all you need to know. This online forum for IT professionals is all about cybersecurity and vulnerability management. Most discussions center around topics like adware, firewalls, and antivirus options — but you will also find threads about software, training, conferences, and more. Check it out here. 

#8: Wilders Security Forums

Wilders Security Forums has about 800 members who engage in lively discussions about mobile device security, firewalls, and security software. There are even threads about AI technologies and security in the world of AI-powered IT

For IT professionals with an interest in artificial intelligence and security, this is a niche forum with highly active threads. Check it out right here. 

#9: Towards AI

online for IT professionals like yourself. If you are interested in learning more about AI and its developments that impact the world of IT, Towards AI is a great community to start with. 

Users engage in both beginner-level and advanced conversations about AI’s capabilities and potential. Start here to check it out. 

Join a new IT community today! 

Many IT professionals love online IT communities and the friendships and support that they involve. These online spaces are excellent for forging strong bonds with your fellow IT pros, and their troubleshooting and educational benefits are the cherry on top. 

If you are interested in expanding your network of fellow IT professionals, finding an online community that you love can be a great way to kick off that endeavor. 

Some communities are more niche-driven and specific while others are general, full of conversations on topics ranging from AI to cybersecurity to ticketing and more. 

Many times, IT management software platforms offer communities that will help users troubleshoot issues specifically related to that software, such as Atera’s online community. 

If you want to share ideas, learn from others, and take advantage of the full capabilities of our comprehensive product suite, jump into our robust and supportive community. 

Plus, you can browse our frequently updated blog and online knowledge base to peruse educational materials and articles at your leisure. Online IT communities and forums are sure to make your job easier, and more fun, every day!

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