As a result of Covid-19, from one day to the next the way we work has fundamentally changed. All around the globe and with little to no notice, we’re all facing remote working restrictions and quarantine. As MSPs, we need to be able to roll with the punches and provide innovative and quick to value solutions to meet the challenge, even if we had just as little warning as everyone else.

Introducing, Customer Remote Access. This tool is a simple and effective way for you to proactively support the clients who are struggling with remote working, enabling them to achieve business continuity and productivity by logging into their work machines through home computers.

How does it work?

Like with all our technology, we offer a sleek and agile alternative to some of the larger more legacy players in the industry, speeding up time to deployment and value, and removing the need for complex integrations or on-premises builds.

Our CEO Gil says it best, ““Our technology, combined with Splashtop’s remote access software, provides partners with an easy and fast way to offer a secure remote-work setup. Our newly integrated solution saves a lot of time for both IT professionals as well as their clients because they can now connect employees to their computer at the office with a click of a button in our platform.”

In seconds, our MSPs can now connect their clients to securely work from home. Let’s say a client has 20 machines, monitored remotely on the Atera platform for maintenance and support. The MSP can now activate the service with a simple one click interface, tagging the specific machines that the client wants to use remotely.

The users will be sent a link, and they can log in using their own regular work credentials from their home machine or laptop. Splashtop will connect them through a secure tunnel to their workstation, where they can work as usual.

Simple, secure and fast access

Streamlining the process to make it even easier, we’ve ensured that you don’t need to go one by one tagging specific computers in order to decide who gets sent out the URL. You can simply send the link to all the employees, and their specific access will be differentiated via their own log in credentials.

As we’re sure you’re aware, cybercrime has spiked during this difficult time, so we’ve released this feature with security early and continuous throughout. 2FA is built into the process, so that every time your client logs in using their credentials, they will need to confirm their identity using a second device. It’s also a much more secure option than using a VPN, which exposes everything from your home computer to the network. In contrast, remote access is a layer above, isolated from any malware or insecurities that you might have on a personal or remote device.

We’ve also tried to make this new feature as flexible as possible so that you can offer your clients a range of options to choose from. They might want an annual contract if they like the idea of this new feature long-term, or they could opt for a monthly commitment just to get them past the pandemic and back into the office. You can even offer them a 7-day free trial to make sure that they’re getting what they need out of the solution before they commit to anything further.

Going forward, as you only pay for enabled devices, you could brainstorm with clients to decide which staff members really need remote access to get the most value out of the investment.

Bringing it all together

We know that your top priority is supporting your clients in ensuring business continuity, and keeping the wheels turning during this complicated time. Atera’s Customer Remote Access is the answer, integrated into the Atera RMM platform, and offering centralized management and control alongside all the other features that you know and love.

As always, if you have any questions about the new feature, or any other element of the Atera platform, make sure to get in touch!

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