Our Fireside Chats have become some of our favorite points in the year, where we get a chance to catch you guys up on all of our latest news, and take part in a live Q&A where we can answer your burning questions! So, without further ado – here’s your recap!


It was great to hear Gil talking about the second quarter, and the great progress Atera has made, especially in R&D and Product, all without skipping a beat, despite COVID-19.


“We’ve kept the pace of releasing a new version every 3 weeks in line with Agile methodology. With such rapid deployment, we release when features are ready to go but not final, and then we use your input to improve on the fly. The important part from our perspective is post-launch when we get your input. So, if you see something that’s missing or isn’t behaving how you would expect – let us know!”


Throughout all of this growth, Atera has stayed true to its core mission, which is making Atera the best product in the industry, the most intuitive, easy to use, and feature-rich. Right at the center of this is the power of the community. We know that we have a lot of knowledge and capabilities in our community and we leverage that, whether it’s our Facebook group where MSPs can network together, our MSP Minds webinars where expert MSPs can share their success and insight, or the shared script library, which is already being used at scale.


Last Quarter’s Updates – What Have You Missed?


Yasmin and Dor spoke to our audience about the latest features, complete with a live demo of how these updates work. And wow, it’s been such a busy quarter! Here are some of the most exciting updates.


Out-of-the-box SNMP monitoring, simplifying the process of adding new devices, allowing Aterans to choose between new kinds of devices. We now track automatic OIDs, monitoring key parameters on Linux such as the available disk space or CPU. All you need to do is add the device. These OIDs are a starting point, so make sure to add your own, and choose what you want to get alerts for.


We chatted a lot about ticket scheduling during the fireside chat, which actually won the poll for the tool you guys love to use, and would most like to see added features for! This quarter we’ve set up the functionality for recurring tickets which are great for staying on top of your technician’s schedule, as well as updates to mobile ticketing. Within the app, you can now see all your tickets in one place, add replies, set priorities, and manage tickets in both English and French! This quarter there will be some more additions to ticketing, which you can see below. Do let us know what other updates you’d like to see.


If you’re using Atera on Mac, you may have noticed a dramatic improvement in stability, connectivity, and reliability. This is because we have successfully rolled out the new Mac agent – so enjoy!


We’ve had some awesome feedback on our Chocolatey and Homebrew installation, and more than 3k users have experimented with the new technology. Users can now install any software from the public repository on your end-user devices, all silently in the background without disturbing business as usual. We’ve also added automated third-party software patching, saving you time keeping customers up to date manually. Lastly, we’ve added the ability to utilize software bundles for customers, fully customizable software packages for ad-hoc installation, soon to be added to the automation profiles.


You might have missed our streamlined Windows and Mac installation. We now have fully customized installers, where you can simply copy and paste the snippet, and you can get agents up and running in a fraction of the time.


Lastly, our integrations took a leap, with Quickbooks Online and Xero integrations for accounting, and a soft integration with Bitdefender for cybersecurity, adding multiple layers of security for customer endpoints. Check out our recent Billing Webinar to see a step by step walkthrough of the new accounting software integrations, aimed at providing all of you with streamlined and smooth billing experiences.


If you have any questions or issues at all, you’ll be glad to hear that from December, live chat will be available 24 hours a day, Monday-Friday, with support tickets, handled 24/7 as usual. This was also a direct response to your feedback, so we’re happy to say – we’ve got your back.


Can you believe that this was all done in 90 days? We keep the bar high and are aiming even higher next quarter! Here’s what’s coming next!


Shared Libraries: Love the shared script library? Then you’ll be delighted to hear we’re continuing to leverage the power of the community with a shared threshold profiles library, and a shared SNMP threshold profiles library.


All new PSA: We’re reinventing the PSA to allow for new accounting and invoicing opportunities, advanced ticketing features such as sub-tickets and shared ticket automation, and a much-requested calendar integration so you can make the most of your technicians time. We’re also looking to move to a catalog approach to invoicing, giving you more control over your final invoice.


Network Discovery Update: We know how valuable you guys find Network Discovery Opportunities, and we’re looking to make it even more powerful! We’ll be adding features such as one-click device set up, and new workgroup network support, too.


A Boost to the Mobile App: Watch this space for streamlined mobile ticketing, including punch clock features so that your technicians can make sure to keep track of their billable hours on the go, and an update that allows technicians to add an image attachment for those all-important before and after pics! (and a couple of selfies from time to time.)


Strengthening Integrations: After our soft integration with Bitdefender, we’ll be looking to deepen that relationship, as well as improving and enhancing our Acronis integration, too. Wave accounting integration is also in the pipeline, which we’re hoping will be very similar to Quickbooks Online and Xero.


That’s all from us for this quarter. Don’t forget to check out the Atera Academy for some awesome online training, including our new onboarding course. You can also head to YouTube and Vimeo to find training videos, or the Atera knowledgebase to take advantage of more than 1,000 articles, with hundreds of resources in French and German, too.


We love hearing from you guys, so make sure to keep in touch with what you want to see in Atera, and how we can support you in strengthening your MSP business. Until next time!



Thank you, and see you at the next Fireside Chat webinar!

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