Introducing an IT companion for technicians on-the-go


Mobile apps solve a number of key challenges for today’s businesses. They offer a direct link to customers and colleagues for on-the-go service and support and provide technicians with more accurate data and task tracking, as well as essential flexibility when it comes to how and where they work.


At Atera, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to improve the experience on mobile for our users, and over the last quarter, we’ve invested heavily in the app, to help you work from anywhere you like.


If you’ve missed the latest upgrades, or you want to know what’s coming next here’s the 411:


New mobile functionality that you can try right now (go ahead, give it a whirl!)


Just as alerts come through on your computer, the Atera Mobile App sends push notifications directly to your home screen. You can use Splashtop for remote access via PC, so we’ve made sure that you can remotely connect to your end-user devices from your mobile, too. You can create and manage tickets and communicate with your customers or colleagues seamlessly from your mobile, and it will all sync automatically with your desktop for omnichannel bliss.


More recently, we’ve been making significant updates to close some of the most critical gaps between desktop and mobile functionality. Here are a few of the top new releases, and make sure to check out the full release notes for all the deets!


# Ticket custom statuses: Create your own personalized custom statuses to reflect your business language, and edit and add them on the move.



# Add manual time entries to tickets: Keep on top of SLA and billing for MSPs, as well as multiple workflows for internal IT pros, with time entries that include technician name, start, and end.



# Devices tab search bar: Search for devices to quickly find what you’re looking for on the go, all from our intuitive mobile UI.


#Agent remote actions: Remotely perform restarts, shutdowns, and logouts, ensuring security and performance from anywhere.


# Additional ticket filters: Ticket filters have been given an update. You can now filter by assignee and priority, and save the last view of ticket filters, too.



# Customer context: Add a customer signature to tickets via the mobile app to acknowledge work completed, and include all inline images from ticket comments as attachments for easier communication.


Keep your eyes peeled for future updates, coming soon!


As part of our mission to make the app and the desktop version of Atera as indistinguishable as the Olsen twins, we’ll be adding even more functionality to the Atera app, and with our speedy release cycle, it’s all right around the corner.


First up, you’ll soon be able to run scripts from the app, speeding up your processes, adding automation to your mobile workflows, and letting you get on with essential tasks from the sofa.


Next, we’re also adding the ability to view customers’ passwords in the mobile app. Like with the desktop Password Manager, technicians will soon be able to view and copy passwords for customers, devices, or contacts directly from the mobile app. For now, you’ll still need to log on via desktop to edit or delete passwords, but let us know if that added mobile functionality would make your day, and we’ll see what Santa can do.


As part of our values at Atera, we’re continually focusing on efficiencies to help you streamline the way you work and supercharge your business growth. We know that in today’s remote working reality, and when flexibility is King in the workplace, being tied to a desktop just isn’t the answer!


We truly hope that these mobile enhancements make all the difference to your business growth and productivity, and if there’s something else you’d like to see — we want to hear about it!


Haven’t tried the app yet? Now is your chance! You can download it directly from this QR code, or head to the Play or iOS store, and learn more about what you’re missing out on!


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