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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Microsoft to revolutionalize IT management and introduce AI-powered IT! Through this groundbreaking integration, we’re not only improving our platform; we’re developing an entirely new world — AI-powered IT (AIT).

Traditional IT solutions, while effective, can often leave IT professionals grappling with time-consuming tasks, complex issues, and an overwhelming influx of tickets. But that’s all about to change.

With Atera’s AI-powered IT management platform, IT teams and professionals can go from problem to solution 10 times faster, run their entire IT operation within one platform that’s boosted by AI, and gain access to thousands of useful scripts with the click of a single button.

What is AI-powered IT?

Imagine a world where routine IT tasks are automated, ticket resolutions are lightning-fast, and the collective expertise of AI and human IT professionals combine to create a supercharged IT experience. This vision is quickly becoming a reality.

AI-powered IT is a new realm in the world of information technology, designed to help IT teams exponentially reduce their workload with an IT platform that integrates AI end-to-end. This new realm of IT management platforms — currently only offered by Atera — enables 10X operational efficiency, delivering impact across entire organizations in unprecedented ways.

Every part of an IT professional’s daily ops can be supercharged with AI-powered IT, including anything from automated ticket summaries to auto-generated responses to users, AI-suggested solutions, intelligent insights, and scripts to run automations.

However, the benefits don’t stop at the IT professional’s doorstep. End users are also reaping the rewards of this AI-driven revolution. With these advanced IT solutions, the power to resolve issues is now placed directly into the hands of users. It’s not just about eliminating mundane tasks for technicians; it’s about empowering end users with the resources to tackle common problems head-on, through self-troubleshooting, guided by AI.

Picture a scenario where 50% of user tickets are resolved before they even reach a technician. End users armed with tools to reset passwords, troubleshoot blue screen errors, and handle other routine issues mean fewer interruptions for IT professionals and faster solutions for everyone involved.

This is the magic of AI-powered IT, where technology becomes an enabler, rather than a barrier.

About Atera’s AI-powered IT management platform

Atera was built with a single, revolutionary goal: to reinvent IT.

Atera’s advanced platform collects roughly 60,000 data points per second. Its proprietary AI models use this data for anticipating and predicting IT problems, which will result in a quicker resolution or prevention of said problems.

From the moment a ticket is generated, Atera’s AI-driven capabilities kick into high gear. The platform goes beyond traditional ticket summaries and auto-generated responses, pushing the envelope with AI-suggested solutions, intelligent insights, and even the generation of scripts to execute automations.

The secret sauce lies in the seamless integration of Microsoft Azure-OpenAI end-to-end into the Atera platform. Reports from the field indicate a remarkable 10X boost in efficiency — the time-to-resolution has been slashed, and the accuracy achieved is nothing short of remarkable.

Atera’s AI capabilities are essentially split into two tenets:

Auto-pilot: allows for end-user self-troubleshooting for the most common IT issues, such as password resets and computer rebooting.

Co-pilot: provides additional brain superpower to IT techs and teams by leveraging AI for more complex problem-solving, scripting, etc.

Atera currently supports 23,000 IT professionals across 105 countries who manage over 5 million devices through our all-in-one, AI-powered IT management platform.

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Enabling 10X efficiency for IT professionals

With Atera’s AI suite, IT professionals can respond to tickets 99% faster, and auto-resolve approximately 50% of tickets.

This can be achieved by turning AI-generated scripts and the corresponding remediation processes into automated workflows. Once support tickets are fed into Atera, IT professionals will be able to receive a ticket summary and AI-generated responses to the end user if more information is required. From there, the new feature can also enable an AI-generated solution or script, which will in turn allow IT managers to run the automation in Atera based on the suggested script.

Once this is completed, the entire loop can be turned into a workflow that will run automatically whenever tickets of a similar nature are submitted, freeing up IT departments from hours — sometimes even days — of manual work.

The future of IT is already here

The efficiency gains, the empowerment of end users, and the newfound speed and accuracy brought about by next-frontier solutions like Atera’s AI-powered IT management platform are not just impressive statistics; they’re the future of IT. As businesses strive to stay competitive, adapt to changing needs, and provide stellar user experiences, AI-powered IT stands as a cornerstone of this transformation.

It’s time to unlock the true potential of IT by harnessing the capabilities of AI, and with Atera leading the way, the future of IT has never looked brighter. Get ready to supercharge your IT operations and redefine what’s possible in the world of technology.

With our newly launched deep integration with Azure OpenAI, we’re only getting started! 

Read more about our first-to-market partnership on Microsoft’s website:

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