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Discover the first AI-powered IT management platform

Give your team everything they need to monitor, manage, automate, deploy, and patch at scale.

What is AI-powered IT?

AI-powered IT (AIT) refers to an IT management platform or solution that integrates artificial intelligence capabilities to streamline, automate, and optimize workflows and processes, boosting cross-organizational efficiency. Capabilities include autonomous and supportive functions like chatbots, AI-driven issue resolution, generated suggestions and scripting, advanced analytics, and more.


Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Get full visibility and control of your IT environment—unlimited devices, fixed monthly cost.


Atera AI

Unlock new standards of organizational efficiency with Atera’s AI-powered solution.


Remote Access

Start sessions instantly and easily with AnyDesk, Splashtop, TeamViewer, or ScreenConnect.


Helpdesk & Ticketing

Deliver immediate, efficient, reliable end-user support and issue resolution at scale.


Network Discovery

Network Discovery provides complete security scans of your network in real time.


Patch Management

Automate Windows, Mac, and Linux software patches on your end-user devices.

Empower your organization with AI-powered IT

Harness the power of AI to 10X your IT efficiency, and free your team from the limitations of yesterday's IT tools.

Auto ticket summaries

  • Minimizes constant back-and-forth
  • Streamlines technician workflow
  • Speedy ticket resolution every time
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Auto-generated response

  • On-demand AI-powered assistant
  • Responds to tickets 90% faster
  • Auto-resolves approx. 50% of tickets


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Ticket solution suggestions

  • Actionable, best-practice suggestions
  • Provides multi-layered suggestions
  • No more hyphenated work orders
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Automated script generator

  • Generate advanced scripts instantly
  • Save scripts to our shared script library
  • Automate using the script generator
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Benefits of AI-powered IT

  • Auto-solving tickets

    Leverage our AI helpdesk for autonomous end-user support and problem resolution for routine issues. 

  • Auto-ticket summary

    Understand end-user input at a glance, streamline your workflow, and speed up ticket resolution.

  • Auto-generated responses

    Respond to any issue in seconds, ensure consistent IT support, and minimize human error.

  • AI ticket solution suggestions

    Receive actionable, best-practice, and multi-layered AI suggestions for any problem.

  • User sentiment analysis

    Gauge whether end users are satisfied with the level of service provided, based on ticket-related interactions.

  • AI script generation

    Generate advanced scripts instantly and automatically. Save scripts to a shared script library.

  • Instant terminal commands

    Translate plain-language descriptions into accurate Powershell, Terminal, Command Prompt, and SSH commands. 

  • AI-powered OID generator

    Generate OID (object identifiers) recommendations based on your specific device type, model, and version.

Atera AI through the eyes of our customers

John Merrick | Technical Lead

“Atera's Open AI-powered script generator, providing scripts based on problem descriptions, has been a game changer, dramatically improving resolution time for my team.”

John Merrick | Technical Lead

Robert Dick |  IT Manager

“Atera's ease of use allowed swift system setup and user integration, with its patch management automation significantly reducing support tickets by 35% shortly after implementation.”

Robert Dick | IT Manager

Rick Moreschi | IT Director

“Thanks to Atera's interactive features and automatic ticket creation, we've reduced our response time to under an hour, staying ahead of issues before they escalate.”

Rick Moreschi | IT Director

How AI-powered IT works


Atera’s advanced platform collects roughly 60,000 data points per second. Our proprietary AI models use this data to anticipate and predict IT problems, enabling unprecedented prevention capabilities and record resolution times. Our seamless and secure integration with Microsoft Azure-OpenAI further enhances our AI’s autonomous and supportive capabilities. 


There are two tenets to Atera’s AI-powered IT. The Auto-pilot allows for end-user self-troubleshooting for the most common IT issues, such as password resets and computer rebooting. Our Co-pilot provides additional brain superpower to IT techs and teams by leveraging AI for more complex problem-solving such as suggested solutions and scripting.

How Atera’s partnership with Microsoft launched a new category in IT management

Atera's AI-powered IT Platform is a game changer for IT management worldwide. Its AI-powered IT Platform with Azure OpenAI Service integration allows end users to troubleshoot and auto-resolve tickets without IT intervention. With this, IT professionals can focus on critical tasks, reducing the first response time to zero and enhancing IT teams' capacity exponentially.

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