Hey Aterans! want to know what’s new for january?

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes, and are excited to share with you the latest features, fixes, improvements and enhancements for 2019. For a full list of performance enhancements and bug fixes, check out the January Release Notes.

Move to MS Azure Service Fabric infrastructure

We’ve moved our infrastructure to MS Azure Service Fabric, which will enable higher system speed, stability, and scalability, for better performance across the board. It will also enable us to release new features faster and more frequently, so get ready to see a great deal of additions in 2019!

Ramped up remote access

We know how many of you have been waiting for this one! We’re delighted to announce that both TeamViewer Corporate license and ScreenConnect remote access for Windows are now integrated with Atera. Now you can easily support your customers whether they are in the next office or all the way across the globe.

Awesome agent installation

If you’ve found installing agents using MSI complicated, you’ll love the latest agent installer update. Integration of customer ID and integrator login with login details means that agents can be automatically assigned to each customer, allowing you to create, remove and share a direct link to the customized MSI.

Snazzy signatures

Did you know that email personalization can generate 17% more revenue than the average correspondence? Whether it’s looking for opportunities for an upsell, or just making sure your customers are happy, the personal touch is an important element. That’s why we’re delighted to add automatic technician signatures in all tickets and related communications.

Mac management

If you’re using Atera on Mac, you’ll love the improved Patch Management tool, giving you better visibility and organization, and a speedier way to send patches and updates to your customers.

Intelligent In-App command prompt

The Atera command prompt lets you send CLI commands to an end user’s machine, but we’ve been working hard to make it a lot more interactive. You can now use cached commands, real-time sampling and output, and use a whole lot more commands. What’s that? Why yes, we did give it a little makeover – thanks for noticing!

Standardization of ticketing system

Sometimes, back to basics is the best way to go. Our ticketing options have been pared back to industry standards. Users can now choose between Incident, Problem, Request, and Change. Simple.

And don’t forget to….
  • Check out editions, versions and build numbers of Windows, Mac, and Mac Office both in-app, and in the Auditor and Microsoft Licensing reports.
  • Try adding clickable links to all custom fields, from tickets and customers, to contacts and agents. Neat!
  • Look out for the advanced filters on the Devices page. You can now search by office version, build number and more. Agents also got a filtering update, with custom fields to search and sort by.
  • Let us know what you think of our enhancements to chat. As well as performance improvements, you can now see at a glance when a video is attached, as well as when your convo is going to time-out. Chat isn’t the only one to have a makeover – take a look at our newly designed login page!

Looking for an improvement that’s not on the list? Reach out and let us know what you’d like to see in the next update via [email protected]!

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