Even though it may be hard to believe, 2021 is officially behind us.

While this year was certainly a challenging one, there were also many positive things that 2021 brought us, including a buuunch of new Atera features and releases!

In case you’ve missed them, here are just some of the exciting features we released in the latter half of 2021:

  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Patch Management upgrades
  • Auth0 enhancements
  • Azure AD Integration
  • Acronis Add-Ons
  • AnyDesk for Mac
  • Network Discovery for Workgroups
  • Patches for Offline Devices
  • AI Auto-Tags
  • Easier Knowledge Base article creation
  • Device Notes
  • Create folders within Atera’s API

Google calendar integration:

you asked for it, we delivered!

You can now create as well as view ticket-related calendar events from within tickets with our newGoogle Calendar integration! Learn more

Patch management upgrades:

We’ve upgraded the ‘Exclude Software Patches’ feature in automation profiles to give you complete control over your Chocolatey and Homebrew patching.

This year we also added a new column in device Patch Management, enabling you to view or hide Microsoft hidden patches. Learn more

Atera's Patch mangement update


here at Atera we truly believe in safety first!

As such, we’ve not only added an integration with identity management platform Auth0—including biometric desktop and mobile app login—but in the latter half of 2021 we also added new Auth0 security features like Bot Detection and Breached Password Detection! Learn more

Azure AD integration:

because we’re stronger when we work together!

One of our most requested integrations enables you to import and sync your customers’ contacts from Azure AD to Atera, so your Atera contacts stay effortlessly up-to-date. Learn more


Acronis add-ons:

Acronis subscribers, we see you!

Strengthen backup, security, and disaster recovery services even further with the latest Advanced Protection add-on features. Learn more


AnyDesk for Mac:

connect to your customers from your Mac device by using AnyDesk remote access. Learn more

Network discovery for workgroups:

It’s finally here!

Now you can discover ALL your customer networks and see the complete picture with detailed info on all network devices. This unique feature also automatically finds and highlights opportunities where you could offer customer upgrades so you can proactively support your customers—and earn some extra moolah in the process.

Try out this cool, x-ray vision, super tool with a free, 14-day trial open to all (even if you’ve already tried it in the past). Learn more about it


Patches for offline devices:

who said patching info should only be available for online devices?

Now you can see cached patching information in the agent console, for both available and installed patches—even when a Windows or Mac OS device is offline. Learn more


Ticket tag automations:

automations based on AI Auto-Tags are now available to all subscribers, woohoo! Learn more


Knowledge base:

because sharing (your knowledge and expertise) is caring!

We’ve simplified things with a new button that enables Knowledge Base article creation from the Knowledge Base page (in addition to the Admin page). Learn more

Device notes:

We’ve added a new ‘Notes’ custom field to the device consoles, so you can easily add important device info.

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